Senior Sunrise relocated to football field

Jupiter High School seniors are encouraged to attend ‘Senior Sunrise,’ an event organized by the senior class officers in hopes of increasing school spirit before the Homecoming pep rally. 

Seniors should come to the Jupiter High School football field on Sept. 27 at 6:30 a.m. Attendees will be provided with senior crowns and photos and the first 200 people will receive Jupiter donuts. 

“It brings all the seniors together and gets the hype started up early before they even enter the pep rally,” Kierstyn Fisher, senior class president, said.

In past years, Senior Sunrise has been hosted at the beach. This year, the event will take place on the football field.

“I am definitely looking forward to it,” Yashvi Purohit, senior, said. “I’m only on campus for four periods, so I’m looking forward to getting to see a bunch of friends.”

In addition to raising spirit before the pep rally, the change was also caused by safety, weather, and tardy concerns.

“They won’t have to worry about being late because they would still be responsible for any tardies if they were to come from the beach and be late,” Rebecca Hansen, class of 2023 sponsor stated. “Weather can be unpredictable, so having it on the beach could potentially be bad.”

In order to encourage participation in this event, the senior class office has advertised mainly through word of mouth and social media

“We have relied on seniors in the class to advertise on their social media,” Ellie Willis, class of 2023 social media manager, said. “Even though we post a lot of these flyers on Facebook and Instagram, a lot of our seniors receive their information for events like this through Snapchat when people repost it.”

Senior officers are hoping there’s a bigger turnout this year and hope it influences more spirit for upcoming school events.

“I’m very excited and [I’m] looking forward to this event and all others that will follow” Fisher said.