Bowling starts season on a roll


Gianna Grieco

Nathaniel Gorzynski, senior, rolling for the Jupiter Bowling team’s first game at Bowlero.

Jupiter High boys and girls bowling begins the 2022 season being ranked number one in the district.

Daniel Blasky, the boys head coach, enters his first season with the school and is excited to bring his knowledge of the sport to the team. 

“I grew up bowling and I bowled on scholarship in college, bowled pro events and went through Team USA qualifying,” Blasky said. “I was classified as the youngest coach in America when I was 16. I have coached high school bowling for seven years now and love every minute of it.”

Although the season just began, Blasky already brings that winning attitude to the team.

“Unlike some sports, there are no second chances in bowling. For me, that often meant to win or not eat for a few days,” Blasky said.

The team is adjusting nicely to the new coaching style.

“[Blasky] is just a nice coach. At first I thought I wasn’t going to get picked [for the team] but I did and he’s great,” Felix Lugo, junior, said.

Blasky is working hard on increasing the mental strength of the players.

“[The boys] are getting the importance that even the best shots may not get the best results, and then you just have to get ready for the next shot,” Blasky said. “Once the ball leaves your hands, it’s literally out of your hands. The mental part of bowling is the hardest part.”

Unlike Blasky, David Anderson, the girls head coach, has been coaching the ladies for years and is excited to have another winning season.

“I love to coach the girls because they are always energetic and constantly funny for the entire game,” Anderson said.

Breanna Grudinsky, sophomore, is this year’s captain and is also confident the girls will make it far this season. 

“This year we have more experienced bowlers. They are very supportive and we all just hype each other up,” Grudinsky said.

The girls need to work on a few things to keep that top spot. 

“We need to start picking up more spares. This will take time during practice to master but the girls are always excited and are always feeding off of each other in the game,” Anderson said. “Mostly, the girls are helping each other fine tune and improve their skills.”