Warriors of Jupiter: Patricia Icart


Mia Risolia

Patricia Icart assists students with their lab project for class.

Patricia Icart, AP and AICE Environmental teacher, is retiring after 37 years of teaching. Since 2009, Jupiter High School has given Icart lasting memories and amazing bonds with students.

Icart got her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology but realized that it wasn’t the route she wanted to pursue.

“I ended up working at one of my family’s businesses, and one of my brother’s friends came in and said ‘you have a degree, have you ever thought about teaching?’ He talked me into going for an interview, and then I got hired, so I started working and went back to get my education courses,” Icart said. 

Icart’s first time teaching environmental science was when she first came to JHS. 

“Nobody wanted to teach it, but I loved it,” Icart said.  “When I first started, I had no idea what was going on, but then I went to workshops and started getting into it. I like to learn, and the kids are fun.”

When asked if she has any regrets about gearing away from her Psychology degree or about pursuing teaching, she didn’t hesitate to respond. 

“Absolutely not. I really loved teaching,” Icart said. “I love getting to know my kids and watching you guys grow up and do things you guys are excited about or crying about either. It’s still a growing process that I love watching.”

Icart is described as a teacher who holds her students’ workloads in mind and constantly makes sure they are not too overwhelmed. 

“She was more thoughtful about what other work juniors had on their hands. She would make sure we didn’t have two tests a day,” Nina Torres, senior, said. 

The teaching style that Icart uses in her environmental classes has also helped the students prepare better for the AP exam the students take at the end of the year.

“Whenever you’re in her class, you’re never stressed out,” Grant Oliver, senior, said. “She’s very good at getting to the point when she teaches.” 

Icart’s motivation to teach comes simply from the students. 

“When one of my students really likes what we are learning or when they get excited about doing labs, and everybody’s having a good time, that’s what keeps me up,” Icart said. 

Andrew Aljouny, a student at the University of Florida, had Icart during his senior year for AP Environmental. Even in college, he still remembers the distinct qualities of Icart. He remarked on her being able to have so much energy even at 9 a.m. 

“It felt like she genuinely cared for all her students,” Aljouny said. “What made her different was the fact that she was able to turn any topic into an entertaining one.”

Beyond teaching, she has impacted students on a personal level as well. 

“She definitely connected really well with me just because we have similar interests and we could talk about whatever. She was always there for me,” Oliver said. “She’s an awesome person, and I really respect her.” 

Torres had Icart her junior year for AICE Environmental. As a senior, there are certain memories that she will remember even after high school. 

“She played one of my songs that I released on Spotify. She pulled it up, put my song on, and made the whole class listen. It meant the world to me that she played my song during class,” Torres said.

Icart describes herself as one of the students’ biggest cheerleaders. 

“I love going to games and cheering you guys on. When you guys do something good, I get so happy because it’s like my own child doing it,” Icart said. 

Icart is well known for showing up to basketball games for her students. Oliver, who is on the varsity basketball team, had her his junior year in AICE Environmental as well.  

“When she came to my basketball game and had a poster it was very nice of her,” Oliver said. “It’s awesome to see someone who has no obligation to show up to your game. To take her time to come to our games and cheer us on is awesome.”

Even beyond the basketball team, she is an avid supporter of any student who plays sports. 

“She constantly made signs for all her students that were athletes and attended their games while cheering for them. It felt like she really wanted them to succeed,” Aljouny said.

Now, as Icart prepares to retire, she reminisces on memories from her years of teaching.  

“To watch everybody come out of all the COVID stuff and to be at a real prom, I was so overjoyed,” Icart said. “I really enjoyed that night, and I hadn’t been to prom 15 years prior to that.”

Icart plans to retire in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

“I already have a home up there,” Icart said. “I’m going to hike, bike, travel and do everything that I never had time to do. I’m going to be as active as I can be until I can’t.”

Icart will be a memorable teacher at Jupiter High with her random jokes in class and constant support for our athletes. The Jupiter High Community wishes Icart all the best in her future.