Shining a spotlight on Inkwell writers


Addison Gload

Inkwell staff and advisor stand in front of the cover of their latest edition.

The Inkwell Magazine is a literary and art magazine produced entirely by Jupiter High School students. It has recently published its first issue, “Rainbow of Emotions.” The Inkwell started three years ago by Diedra Wilson, former English teacher, and Samantha Porter, former student. A year after it was started, Danielle Steyn, AICE English Language and Creative Writing teacher, took it over. 

“There wasn’t a lot of organization because it was so laissez faire, it sort of struggled along,” Steyn said.

Now thanks to students such as Raelen T. Maugé and Keira Stolowitz, Inkwell was reformed and reorganized. Inkwell is working to put out one magazine issue per semester. The magazine is open to submissions from any student at JHS with Creative Writing classes one, two and three honors, being created specifically for making and developing possible submissions. 

Danielle Steyn

Danielle Steyn took over the Inkwell three years ago after becoming the Creative Writing teacher at JHS. Now she enjoys working with students to produce the different issues. 

Steyn loves to read and has recently been inspired to start writing for pleasure.

“I find myself inspired by the kids in my class all the time and I think it’s kind of lit something up inside of me,” Steyn said. 

Steyn also loves teaching a rigorous course such as AICE English Language and also something more laid back such as Creative Writing.

“I really love the fact that [writing] gives people creative freedom and time to find themselves and find their voice,” Steyn said. 

Raelen T. Maugé

Raelen Maugé is a junior and the Editor-in-Chief for Inkwell. As Editor-in-Chief, Maugé oversees the creation of the magazine. She also wrote the short story “Our Rose” and the poem “Our Forever”. The story “Our Forever” was inspired by the feeling of a friend drifting away and “Our Rose” was about the happy feeling of a friend reaching out. She also photographed a picture of her friend at the beach entitled “Summertime Ginger”.

Maugé enjoys watching Marvel and Disney movies and also shows such as Stranger Things. She also published a book called “A Dictators Child” in Jan. 2021.

“I didn’t know what I was doing but I love having [the book] out,” Maugé said. 

Daphne Garner

Daphne Garner is a sophomore who had two paintings published in the Inkwell’s Colors of Emotion magazine. Her paintings are “Careless” and “City in the Eyes”. She has been painting her whole life, even painting chairs in her own house.

“It’s just a way for me to release my emotions and put my thoughts onto canvas,” Garner said. 

In addition to painting, Garner also enjoys playing the drums, baking and sewing. Garner also wants people to know:

“Everyone should have their own form of expression and that people shouldn’t judge other people for their forms of expression,” Garner said.

Emily Asbury

Emily Asbury is a senior who had three poems published in the Inkwell first semester edition. Her poem “She” expresses beauty, livelihood and vibrance. “Tethered to Tranquility” is about what it means to be a woman and how nature and the Earth work. Asbury has been writing for years before joining creative writing. 

“It kind of gave me a different avenue to keep writing,” Asbury said. 

Asbury enjoys going to the beach, spending time with family and reading Shakespeare. She has also had a flash fiction piece published in the Jupiter Farmer about a soldier going off to the Vietnam War. 

Magdalena Buffenmyer

Magdalena Buffenmyer is a senior in Steyn’s Creative Writing class. She wrote the short “A Silent Love”, which was featured in the issue. Buffenmyer joined Steyn’s Creative Writing class this year. Buffenmyer has loved writing since sixth grade but has never taken any previous writing classes. Last year, Buffenyer took acting and dance classes and was even in the play, “Trap” at ArtStage.

Max Harzbecker

Max Harzbecker, senior, recently published two short stories titled “A Breath of Unfiltered Air” and “Prophet” in  Inkwell’s print edition. He likes writing science fiction and has been working on a sci-fi world for a while. The short stories featured in the article showcase facets of that world. 

His passion for writing started in eighth grade because of a short story assignment based off of “The Illustrated Man”by Ray Bradbury. 

“After my teacher complimented my work, I thought to myself that this might be a hobby that I want to do,” Harzbecker said.

In addition to writing, Harzbecker also enjoys playing video games, going to the gym and volunteering with animals.

The next issue of the Inkwell is being worked on right now. There is no theme for the next issue so students are encouraged to submit any short story, poem, drawing or photograph they want showcased by April 10th. In order to submit a story, fill out the submission form or contact Mrs. Steyn.