New Jupiter High courses for 2023-24 school year


Maddy Torres

Student picks out her classes for the next school year

Jupiter High has introduced a variety of new courses for students to take in the 2023-24 school year; they are currently available for selection on the course selection sheet. Students will meet with their guidance counselors one-on-one by grade level from Feb. 13 to March 2 to discuss and confirm schedules. 

The new courses available are the following: Technical Theater Design & Production, Digital Video Tech, Paint 3 Honors, Dance 3 Honors, AICE Drama, Creative Writing 4 Honors, Exploring Hip Hop Literature, Examining the African Experience, A.P. Capstone Seminar, A.P. Pre-Calculus, A.P. Spanish Literature & Culture, Forensic Science, A level Math and Math for ACT & SAT Prep. 

“For all kids we have a technical theater design and production which we hope to develop into all four levels,” Amy Hand, Jupiter High Counselor, said. “It deals with backstage, production, lights, camera, make up, costumes, for theater.”

Students are able to develop their interests in other levels of production as well with Digital Video Technology as another four year program. The students in this class will take over the morning announcements in addition to creating promotional videos and covering sporting events and school activities.

Students also have the opportunity to highlight their expression in Danielle Steyn’s Creative Writing 4 Honors class. Steyn’s creative writing class currently takes part in writing to create Inkwell, their published magazine; these students are now able to take a fourth year of this class. 

“It gives kids the option to take another elective and some of the kids who have been in creative writing already for a while it lets them still take it, so the students are very excited to have another opportunity to take another creative writing,” Steyn said. 

Jupiter is also offering an A Level AICE Math as an extension to the current AICE Math AS. Brian Goodman, who currently teaches AICE Math AS, is taking on this class due to an increased amount of students interested in the course. 

“The class will give you a [Calculus] 1 credit just like AP [Calculus],” Goodman said.

Students are already showing interest and some have even decided to take the class.

“I’m taking A level math because you are still able to get the credit and I have Mr. Goodman right now for AICE Math [AS] and he is a great teacher,” Sloan Vulgaris, junior, said. 

Moriah Carlisle has offered to teach Exploring Hip-hop Literature and Examining the African Experience next year.“We are adding an Exploring Hip-Hop Literature [course] where students will analyze lyrics of various hip-hop songs through time as hip-hop has developed to look at cultural and political trends in history,” Hand said. 

Seniors are able to earn an AP Capstone award by taking the new AP Capstone Seminar course. 

“It is an intensive, self-directed project where you as a senior identify a project that you want to research for an interview to put together a presentation and a paper that would award you the AP Capstone Award,” Hand said.