Jupiter High School prepares for 2023 prom


Mia Risolia

Students wait in line to purchase their prom tickets.

Jupiter High School’s annual prom, planned and organized by the Junior Class of 2024, is scheduled to take place at the Wyndham Grand Hotel in Harbourside Place on April 21. 

To get a ticket, seniors and juniors must go pick up prom contracts from Mr. Kovachik or Mrs. Hansen in rooms 5-207 or 5-109, with contracts being released to juniors in early March.  

The form verifies students have no outstanding school obligations and are turned in with signatures from the media center, the class sponsor and the student’s parent or guardian along with a physical copy of the student’s ID and money to buy the ticket, with sales planned to go from Feb. 21 through March 31. 

“Ticket sales will take place in the SGA courtyard beginning February 21 for seniors who have paid all their dues,” Janine Jeffs, a sponsor of the Class of 2024, said. “Each week we will open up sales to more students until just after Spring Break, or until we sell out.”

For seniors who have paid their dues, tickets are sold early at a discounted price of $60 from Feb. 21-24. Likewise, juniors who have also already paid their dues will be sold tickets for $90 when they are released to the class March 6-10. 

Seniors and juniors who have not paid their dues, along with all guests, will be sold tickets at the full price of $120 from Feb. 27 through March 3 for seniors, and March 13-16 for juniors. All tickets purchased after the fact are considered “late tickets” and will cost more money, although it is expected that all the tickets will be purchased.

“I can’t give you an exact number, but we are expecting to sell out of tickets,” Jeffs said. 

The sponsors and officers of the Class of 2024 will be helping with ticket distribution, and have been planning prom since late last year, initially focusing on the theme.

“Choosing the prom theme was an extensive process,Cece Oneid, Vice President of the Class of 2024, said. “At first we had brainstorming meetings and ideas were just floating around. At one point we had ‘Hula Night’ and ‘Night Under the Moonlight’ on our list.” 

Ultimately, the officers provided the senior class with five potential themes to choose from, and ‘Southern Charm’ was voted as the prom theme. 

“I think the final five [themes] we chose could’ve been a little stronger, but we all knew ‘Southern Charm’ was going to win in the end. It’s Jupiter,” Oneid said. 

The group plans on decorating the event with natural, but sophisticated southern decor to highlight the theme while providing a fun and tasteful night for attending students. 

“We expect to go with a natural, or rustic, elegance using wood and plants, neutral colors and some vintage accents,” Jeffs said. 

Scheduled for late April, prom takes place right before the beginning of May when students will take numerous AICE and AP tests along with final exams, and serves as something for students to look forward to. 

“It’s right before testing begins, so I feel like it’s the perfect time to have one last fun event before AICE and AP exams,” Elizabeth Cappiello, Social Media Manager for the Class of 2024, said. 

Cappiello has been posting advertisements and information about prom since the beginning of the year on the class Instagram page and other social media platforms, and can’t wait to see the final event. 

“It’s been a lot of work, and there’s definitely much more to come with the whole planning and actual execution of prom, but with what we have in store, I’m so excited to see our final product and see the last few months of hard work pay off,” Cappiello said. 

For more information about prom, check the Class of 2024 Instagram.