US 1 Bridge closure brings increased traffic


Mia Risolia

US1 bridge under construction

The U.S. 1 Bridge, which passes over the Jupiter Intracoastal Waterway and leads to Alternate A1A road, closed completely on March 13 and will be undergoing construction until early 2026, for a replacement project.

The bridge will be closed down for 20 months while improvements are made. The bridge will consist of two 11-foot lanes in either direction, eight foot sidewalks and seven foot bike lanes in both directions. The sidewalks and bike lanes will also be separated from traffic with concrete barriers. Students and residents are showing concern for the project. 

“I think it’s gonna cause a ton more traffic,” Reese Mitchell, sophomore said, “It’s going to be the only way to get in and out of Tequesta and I think it’s going to at least put 10 more minutes on my commute everyday.” 

Other students are also concerned about an increase in people utilizing the Alternate A1A Bridge as a detour route for the U.S. 1 Bridge.

“It’s going to direct more traffic to alternate A1A so getting to and from school, I think to school won’t be as bad as from but there will definitely be a lot more traffic,” James Brostowicz, junior and Tequesta resident, said. 

The closure of the bridge is also going to affect students living in Tequesta for recreational reasons as well.  

“I take [the U.S. 1 Bridge] to the beach and certain stores and restaurants,” Reese Dougherty, freshman, said. “We probably won’t go there as much just because it will take a lot longer to get there.”

Due to the bridge closure, other intersection improvements have been made in the area including a new stoplight at Alternate A1A and Old Dixie, and an intersection improvement at U.S. 1 and Beach Road. 

“They did try and prepare the crossing onto Old Dixie, but I just have a bad feeling about how they structured the lights that may end up backing up through the intersection and just make traffic way worse, and take a lot longer,” Brostowicz said.