Jupiter Students Compete in School Duel


BECON TV School Duel

Jupiter High students pose for photo at Trivia Show. Left to right Zachary Thomas, Alexa Hanssen, Sydnie Grubba.

Four students from Jupiter High School recently competed on ‘School Duel,’ a trivia game show presented by BECON-TV. The episode will feature seniors Sydnie Grubba, Theodore Endrud, Alexa Hanssen and Zachary Thomas, competing against students from Pembroke Pines Charter School answering trivia questions and will air on May 11, 2023. 

“It was kind of like Mean Girls, like the mathletes competition,” Alexa Hanssen, senior, said, “You sat in there and had your little game show, had little plungers you can press to answer questions, and you competed against other schools.”

The competition is made up of three rounds: the “FIRST STRIKE” Round, “THE JOUST” Round and the “RAPID ACTION” Round. During the first round, all questions are worth 10 points and either team can answer questions. 

“The Second round was a faceoff, so you would have one person from each team go off and then answer the same question,” Sydnie Grubba said. 

The final round is called “RAPID ACTION” in which one team will answer a series of questions and then the other team will answer similar questions in the same format.  

“We were quizzed on basically almost anything random you could have learned in high school,” Hanssen said. “There’s some art, literature and random geography facts.”

The students who participated in the event have positive attitudes about the competition and how it concluded. 

“It was a fun experience, and we got to miss school which is nice,” Theodore Endrud said. 

BECON-TV is an educational network operated by Broward County so the competition is primarily held between Broward County schools.

“We didn’t do it the year before, but we did the year before that.” Madeline Miller, media specialist, said. 

Each team consists of three students and one alternate chosen through their academic achievements at school. Once chosen, students were able to visit the set and film in January.  

“I knew we had it in the bag. We had a very well rounded team,” Hanssen said.  

In order to watch the Jupiter vs. Pembroke game, and to support the students participating, students should tune in to XFINITY channel 488 or DirecTV/U verse channel 63 on May 11. 

“It supports a local TV program or a local education program. I think it was pretty fun to participate in, so they’ll enjoy it as much as I did,” Endrud said.