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The Student News Site of Jupiter Community High School

War Cry

The Student News Site of Jupiter Community High School

War Cry

JHS SGA runs for Palm Beach County Association of Student Council’s Vice President

Provided by JHS SGA
Left to right: Faisal Abaldawi, Ben Fagan, Kareena Balkaran, Madison Pearson, Addison Gload, Isabella Ryan and Kailey Brown.

Jupiter High’s Student Government Association (SGA) is running for Vice President of the Palm Beach County Association of Student Councils (PBCASC). This is a beneficial opportunity for students in SGA to immerse themselves in leadership development skills. Jupiter High is currently the Secretary of the PBCASC.

Addison Gload, Secretary of SGA, planned and organized a field day event called “Anything Goes.”

“I had to put together a field day called “Anything Goes,” which was a giant field day on the Jupiter High’s football field. 16 different schools  came out [to participate],” Gload said. 

Different members of SGA were responsible for contributing to the field day event, doing activities like setting up the event and keeping guests entertained. 

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Paige Grosbeck, senior, is in her fourth year as a member of SGA.

“I helped with decorations and my group specifically made a CD wall with the name, ‘Anything Goes’, written on it. We also were in charge of decorating the welcome tent and controlling the music throughout the event,” Grosbeck said. 

Along with spending the year planning the field day, Gload simultaneously did all the agendas for the Student Council meetings, and Gload was responsible for keeping track of the minutes during the meetings. 

“I had a lot of stuff to do over the course of the year in addition to what SGA does, but it was rewarding seeing everything come together and interacting with the other board members was really nice,” Gload said. 

In order to be eligible to run for Vice President of PBCASC, Gload had to take and pass a parliamentary procedure test which is the set of protocols employed by legislative bodies in order to facilitate a meeting.

“I think parliamentary procedure is important because it allows meetings to go smoothly,” Gload said. “It’s important that I know it, so that I can help meetings run properly in the future.”

Michael Deleonardo, Jupiter High’s SGA Advisor, is supporting SGA with the process of running for vice president. 

“By running for vice president it increases our profile on the county. It allows for the individual student and then by extension the other students in class to have a say in things that are county-wide. It allows them opportunities to develop their leadership in bigger and better venues,” Deleonardo said. 

 If Jupiter High’s SGA is elected as PBCASC Vice President, they will be responsible for hosting and planning one meeting for the fellow PBCASC member schools. 

 “I’m interested in putting on and hosting a meeting, I think it gives the program an opportunity to show off what they can do,” Deleonardo said. 

Jupiter High’s SGA will present their campaign to the PBCASC at the County Banquet that will take place on April 18. Gload will be responsible for writing and performing a themed skit with students in the SGA program. 

“She has to run a campaign and part of that campaign is to write and perform a skit that presents her strengths and weaknesses and plans for the year,” Deleonardo said.

Gload chose a Pokemon theme to use when showcasing her campaign. 

“I’m really proud of our SGA for hosting this, it’s going to be a big responsibility, but I’m so excited that Jupiter High is prepared to take it on,” Gload said. 


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