Jupiter High’s swim and dive team splashes into a new season

Jupiter High’s swim and dive team has high hopes for another successful season. On Aug. 27, they started with a win over Jupiter Christian at home, at the Jupiter Aquatic Center.

Dennis Connolly and Krill Zahariev coach both the Jupiter High swim and dive team and the Dragons’ swim team.

“This season is going to be very good. We have a lot of great swimmers coming back; we have a lot of freshman coming to try out on Friday,” Connolly said. “We hope to win districts and to do well at states. We would like to end the season undefeated and hope everyone does a great job.”

Returning swimmers and divers, along with new freshmen on the team, performed well on Aug. 27, winning first overall in a tough meet.

“Being a freshman at a new school and being on a new team has been very exciting for me. The older swimmers have really taken me in as a new member for their close family,” freshman Brandon Hiebert said.

The team’s returning members see potential in the freshmen and believe they will be big contributors in another winning season.

“This season will be one to remember. We have new kids coming in [with] great potential, so I have no doubt that we will be successful,” junior Josh Curtis said.

Although the dive team did not have an opponent at their first home meet, the divers competed against themselves and came to support their fellow teammates and swimmers.

“Diving has changed my life in so many ways. I love being a part of a team and being able to go to competitions. This year, we have a lot of great divers this season and I think we all are going to do really well,” sophomore Haley Fekete said.