Athlete of the Week: Isabel Swanson


Athlete of the week for the week of Dec. 9 is sophomore basketball player Isabel Swanson. 

“The best part of playing basketball is my teammates. I always have such good teammates to be friends with on and off the court. I can really thank my teammates for pushing me to be the best player and person on the court. Being able to play for the school team is a different feeling of gratitude because we all go to school together and it makes the connection so much stronger,” Swanson said.

Swanson plays about four hours a day six days a week in order to improve her skills. In addition to practicing an excessive amount during the week, Swanson still gets her homework and schoolwork done in order to maintain such a high GPA. 

“I am always so busy with basketball and homework. Being a sophomore and playing a high school sport sometimes can get a little hectic. I usually go home, do my homework, go to practice or my game, go home and finish all my homework because I always have so much.” 

Swanson has been playing basketball since she was five years old. Swanson has played for the JV lady’s basketball team her freshman and sophomore year.