Trump refuses to accept election results

President Donald Trump is refusing to accept the results of the 2020 election, instead deciding to make the transition for President-elect, Joe Biden, and his transition team more difficult than it needs to be. 

This year’s presidential election has been anything but ordinary, as our nation and the world deals with the COVID-19 pandemic. In an attempt to limit the spread of COVID, many people decided to mail in their votes this year, which has led to some controversy regarding the election. 

It is this controversy that Trump has decided to latch onto in an attempt to discredit the election’s results. Instead of alleging electoral fraud, despite the fact that the Trump administration has yet to provide evidence to prove the fact. 

Not only has Trump alleged electoral fraud, but he also claims the Democratic party has unfairly deprived him of his second term, even though there is no evidence to support the claim. Trump and his team continue to pursue lawsuits against Pa., Mich., and Ga., these new filings adding onto the already existing legal troubles the Republican party is facing in Pa. and Nev. 

As time goes on, other prominent Republican lawmakers and officials are beginning to speak out and push against Trump’s claims about the presidential election, although not all have mentioned President Trump by name. The main issue that most of these officials have regarding Trump’s allegations of fraud is the lack of evidence Trump and his team have to prove their claims. 

The Biden campaign has called Trump’s claims about the election, and the resulting lawsuits, more of a political strategy instead of legal one, and Biden has said they lack a purpose other than to spread false information about what’s going on with the electoral process.

However, despite the continuing delays Biden and his team have faced with the transition, Biden has continued with his transition plans putting COVID-19 and the economy at the forefront. 

Trump has lost the election, and, despite his desperate attempts to change the results so they are in his favor, nothing is going to undermine the democratic process of fair and legitimate voting. 

Trump was President of the United States for four years, but he spent most of his term creating conflict and problems for America. He relied on his loyal supporters to vote for and follow him blindly, looking past his rude and offensive rhetoric, to support his bid for a second term.

As the 2020 election drew near, it became clear he did not have the full support of the people, and he painted himself as a victim in the eyes of the voters because his second term was being ‘stolen’ from him by the Democrats. 

Now that election results are in, and continue to be certified by states with close vote counts, Trump is trying to invalidate the American citizens’ votes because they did not choose him, and since he lost, there must be some sort of scheme or scandal behind the results of the election, even if he has no evidence to support that.

By refusing to concede and by creating problems for Biden and his transition team, Trump is only doing to them what he has done to the country throughout his presidency: create conflict and argue against his loss instead of accepting the results, He should be wishing luck to the President-elect for a better America. 

President Trump is only harming our nation’s most fundamental rights, the right to vote, by spreading false claims about the election results, and as he is being replaced by Biden, is only looking out for himself and not the people, showing us the type of person he is and the president he always was.