Jupiter High teams up with Cady Studios to upgrade campus culture

Quarter flags with the new, Jupiter High School logo line the school walkway near the guidance and student services’ offices.

Jupiter High collaborated with Cady Studios, the school’s photographer, to upgrade the school mascot and overall campus culture. 

Twelve flagpole banners, five quarter flags and a large atrium window wrap featuring the new Warrior mascot and crest were installed on campus on Nov. 14. The modernized mascot and crest were finalized at the end of last school year, with the help of a Cady Studios artist and designer.

“It promotes a One Tribe feeling,” Joe Lang, an assistant principal at Jupiter High, said of the upgrades. “Even though we are all unique, we still stand together as one.”

Administration added the banners, flags and window wrap to create more of a university-like atmosphere on campus.

“They definitely boost school spirit by making our campus look more like a college campus,” Ericka Muncy, JHS yearbook adviser, said. “When parents and students drive into the school, they’re greeted by eight flagpole banners that display our mottos of ‘One Tribe’ and ‘Warrior Pride.’”

There are four additional flagpole banners located in the courtyard, in addition to quarter flags displaying the words of the PRIDE acronym: pride, respect, integrity, determination and excellence. The centerpiece of the school is now a large wrap covering the two-story atrium window, featuring not only the Jupiter Inlet but also the new Warrior mascot. 

“My favorite addition to the school is the window wrap, because it catches your eye instantly when you walk in,” Bryce Baxter, Jupiter High senior, said. “It also includes the Jupiter lighthouse, mascot and ‘One Tribe’ slogan.”

One main feature of the window wrap is the large, updated mascot, which has been made cleaner and more modern. This is the first time the mascot has been updated in over 30 years.

“As a Jupiter grad, it’s exciting to see our mascot and crest displayed around campus to build school culture and spirit,” Lang said. “In these trying times, it is important to focus on the positive. Upgrading the mascot, among other things, represents change, and now more than ever, we need change.”

Lang said seeing the window wrap and other additions make him feel right at home in addition to offering hope for a better future.

“They represent Jupiter entering the new generation and getting better,” Sydney Buck, JHS senior, said. “The outside of Jupiter High is now showcasing what we actually are.”

Principal Dr. Colleen Iannitti played a large role in collaborating with Cady Studios on the updated mascot, banners and window wrap.

“Jupiter has always had good school spirit, and Dr. Iannitti is committed to carrying on that tradition, especially in this challenging school year,” Muncy said. “Dr. Iannitti and Cady made it happen.”

Students and staff agree the school upgrades not only beautify the campus but also unite the student body.

“The upgrades bring everything together and make it more cohesive because there are lots of banners everywhere, which have the new mascot on it,” Buck said. “People see the banners and know what it is, what we are as Warriors.”