Varsity girls soccer ready to compete

Jupiter High’s varsity girls soccer started their season later than expected because of COVID-19 precautions, but they are ready to take on the competition. They faced off against a tough Wellington team on Dec. 9 to kick off their season. 

“We went into the game knowing it was going to be tough,” Aubrey Peters, a junior center midfielder, said. “It’s been difficult to practice, so we have not completely connected as a team. Once we went into the second half, we played together and worked the hardest we could. I am really proud of us even if the result is not what we wanted.” 

In their next game against rival Boca Raton High School, Jupiter held the score to 0-0 until the very last seconds when Boca scored. Although a loss, the girls were excited to hold off such a competitive team.

“Boca has definitely been one of the hardest teams to play ever since my freshman year,” Sydney Wiebell, senior team captain, said. “Being able to hold a tie means that we are equally as strong as they are. Playing such a hard team in the beginning of the season really determined how well of a season we will have.”

In an unconventional season, the athletes are determined to work toward success at all costs. They are resilient, optimistic and dedicated to sticking together, even with the challenges of competing during a pandemic. 

“We don’t always remember the wins or losses. We remember the times where we were challenged, the times we had our breakthroughs, and the silly inside joke moments during practices and game nights,” Joseph Almeida, varsity head coach, said.