National Art Honor Society hosts a sticky-note art show


The National Art Honor Society is hosting a “Post-it Note Art Show,” an ongoing event from Feb. 8 to Feb. 26 that invites all Jupiter High School artists to share their creations via sticky notes.

The only requirement for a piece of art to enter is that it be on a sticky note. Any type of art is fair game, whether it be a drawing, painting or cut outs from magazines pasted together to make a collage.

“We saw the idea on Pinterest and wanted to encourage a fun, unique art show that anyone can participate in,” Leanna Overbeck, a JHS senior and secretary of the NAHS, said. “You will probably see floral designs on my post it note, but I am not really sure yet!”

Virtual students will also be able to take part in the art show.

“We can feature them on the NAHS website and Instagram and give them a shout out,” Overbeck said.

While the only rule for creating your art is that it must be on a Post-it, there are a few rules outlined by NAHS regarding the content of submissions. 

It must be school-appropriate, meaning “no politics, nudity or violence.” NAHS can and will remove any work that is deemed inappropriate.

Students can “turn in Post-it notes on the display cabinets in the downstairs 4000 hallway next to Kovachik’s room or to a NAHS officer.” For those in NAHS, this will count as part of the art show requirement.

Ava Goforth, a sophomore member of the NAHS, created Post-it art for the show and was excited for the opportunity to showcase her work.

“I felt like it was a good experience because it’s not something you have to delegate a lot of time to which is easier for my schedule,” Ava Goforth, sophomore, and member of NAHS, said.

In an unconventional school year, NAHS wanted to offer student artists a unique opportunity to share their art with the school community.

“I think it’s a good way for students who do not have a lot of access to art supplies to be able to participate in a school-wide art show,” Goforth said.