Jupiter baseball honors alumnus Taylor Davis

Taylor Davis’s jersey retired in ceremony at Doug Ferguson Field.

Jupiter High baseball honored Taylor Davis, alumnus and catcher for the Baltimore Orioles, by retiring his jersey from when Davis played for the school.

Davis gathered with his family at home plate on Doug Ferguson Field on Feb. 4. The varsity baseball team, along with present and past coaches, awarded Davis with a framed jersey and a personalized plaque. They also unveiled a banner displaying Davis’s name and number that will be hung at all home games at Jupiter’s field.

“Having all of my family there to celebrate it with me made the whole ceremony so complete for me. The fact that it happened in the first place was incredibly special,” Taylor said.

Matt Davis, Taylor’s father, attended the ceremony and was excited to see his son recognized at his alma mater.

As a parent, it is a surreal feeling watching your son achieve his dream and succeed at the highest level in his profession,” Matt Davis said. “To think that after all the personal challenges this guy has gone through and the constant battle for your job he has managed a successful career. I am as proud of Taylor as any Dad can be. It is hard not to brag even more about it.” 

Davis eagerly agreed to attend the ceremony at the start of the 2021 season and was honored to represent his old team. 

“It felt awesome. It was something that I dreamed of while playing and learning at Jupiter High, and I can’t believe it actually came true,” Davis said.

When Davis played for Jupiter, Doug Ferguson was his head coach. Ferguson fondly remembers the type of person and player he was on and off the field. According to Ferguson, Davis had an exceptional reputation among the players, the student body and the school’s faculty.

“He was a player that you never had to worry about on or off the field. He has great integrity,” Ferguson said. “He was like another coach on the field. I could always count on him to be the quarterback of our team. He was truly a great player, loved by his teammates.” 

After high school, Davis went on to play at the collegiate level then the majors. He made his MLB debut in 2017 with the Chicago Cubs. 

“It felt awesome. It was something that I dreamed of while playing and learning at Jupiter High, and I can’t believe it actually came true.””

— Taylor Davis

Aside from being a professional baseball player, Taylor said he feels his greatest accomplishments are marrying his wife and having a son.

“All of them made me more of a complete man and gave me further reason to continue driving towards my dreams of being a Major League Baseball player,” Davis said.

Making it to the pros is no easy feat, but through the challenges of playing at the elite level, Davis persevered to be his best not only for himself but also for his team and his family.

“I am most proud of the fact that even after all the challenges and pitfalls and defeats, Taylor’s number one goal has always been to be the best teammate he can be and let everything else fall into place,” Matt Davis said. “He has stuck by that and is an example for all players to really understand that you are only as good as your team.” 

Andy Mook, Jupiter baseball’s current head coach, organized the event on Feb. 4 and was thrilled to have Davis return to his alma mater to have his jersey retired. He hoped Davis would serve as inspiration for Jupiter’s current varsity players.

“Taylor is a great player and person because he plays with passion and has fun,” Mook said. “He cares about others, and goes out of his way to help people. He isn’t afraid of obstacles, and works even harder with the life of the game and life,” Mook said.

Much admired for his passion for the game, Davis plans on continuing his athletic career with the Baltimore Orioles for as long as he can. However, according to his father, when he leaves the sport, he has ample opportunities awaiting him.

“I am excited that the future for Taylor is very bright if he elects to stay in this sport. He has been playing baseball since he was three years old and now has over 25 solid years in an industry that needs experienced, older players that understand the journey,” Matt Davis said. “He has been asked to coach at multiple levels upon his playing career ending so his future is very bright. Taylor, even though he was signed out of his junior year in college, did graduate and has additional opportunities for business.”