Jupiter students start ‘Save the Children’ club

Addison Kondik and Payton Gottlieb, juniors at Jupiter High, started the Save the Children club to raise awareness and provide community service hours to club members.

Save the Children is a non-government organization that provides aid and resources to children and families suffering around the world. Save the Children works with schools around the world to spread awareness in their community. 

“I used to live in South Africa and I was around a lot of poverty. My school would go out and help kids in other schools by giving them backpacks and we’d play games with them. Ever since then I like to advocate and do whatever I can to help people who don’t have the same privileges as everyone else,” Gottlieb, co-founder of the club said.

This will be Jupiter High’s first Save the Children club where students will be able to earn community service hours by organizing fundraisers and writing letters and emails to our government and local offices advocating for change. Leadership roles will be offered to those who consistently attend the meetings.

“I want the club to be known. I don’t want it to be another one of those clubs that people join just for community service hours. This is a subject that’s important to me because I have seen it everywhere,” Gottlieb said. 

Gottlieb went to Kondik with the idea to start a club that would help children around the world and in the community. After researching different organizations, Gottlieb and Kondik chose Save the Children.

“Save the Children stuck out the most because we thought the variety of fundraising opportunities and ways to help children were endless, it seemed like the best organization to associate with,” Kondik, co-founder said.

Gottlieb and Kondik attended a virtual meeting with the founder of Save the Children to discuss the goals for the club and how to grow throughout the community.

“We learned more about the organization and how we can spread the word through our community and school to get people to help with the club. We also met with other club founders from different schools and learned how they’re organizing their club,” Kondik said.

Save the Children club is open to all students and encourages consistent attendance at the meetings and events. Students who don’t have the ability to attend the meetings can still join the Google Classroom.

“Students who can’t attend the meetings can always help out with fundraising and help out at events. They will still be recognized in the club, we just won’t give them as much responsibility. Honestly the more people the better,” Gottlieb said. 

The proceeds from the fundraisers will go to Save the Children and if the club earns enough money, they can sponsor a child for $39 a month. That money provides the child with basic necessities and resources.

If you are interested in joining the Save the Children club, join the Google Classroom using the code: icgxsxd