Cross country sets the pace

Jupiter High’s boys and girls cross country officially began their 2021 season on Aug. 28.

The boys team is currently ranked ninth in the region and 30th in the state of Florida. One of their main goals is to be one of eight teams from their region that advances to states at the end of the season. There will be a total of 32 teams competing for the title this year.

“Our main competitors are Boca Raton High school, Timber Creek High school and a few others that are in that fifth through eighth spot,” William Nuneville, senior, said. “We’re just looking to try and beat them in these races coming up.” 

The team practices five to six times a week for approximately two hours a day.

“You have to be consistent with practice,” Dylan Gresch, freshman, said. “You can’t show up for a few days and then take a week off.” 

Helen Jefferson has coached boys cross country for over 20 years. She loves seeing her athletes improve as much as she loves winning.

“[I enjoy] watching the individual progress, seeing the teamwork together and having fun,” Jefferson said.

Along with the boys, the girls have started off strong with a team of 34 athletes. 

“We have a much bigger team this year. It has been nice to meet new people and see upperclassmen improve in different ways from last season,” Alexa Kyle, sophomore, said.

Erica Sanders, the girls coach, has enjoyed the sport since her high school years and is an avid runner. 

“Hopefully, [we] finish top three in the county, and ultimately qualify for the state championships as a team,” Sanders said.

Sanders and the girls are thrilled to showcase their skills during another winning season.