Jupiter High holds annual blood drive


Marco Thomas

Students who just donated blood are hanging with Ms. Ellis

Jupiter High School hosted a blood drive for eligible students and staff on Dec. 14, resulting in the collection of 132 units of blood and 22 platelet donations. 

Peyton Ellis, Jupiter High Medical Academy coordinator, helps organize the blood drives.

Jupiter High has been doing about four blood drives a year for over a decade. I did them when I was in high school at Jupiter High’ so when I started working here, I began doing them again,” Ellis said.

This year’s blood drive helped supply the local hospitals with enough blood to help overcome the blood shortages.

About 1 in every 7 people that go into a hospital require a blood donation. So it’s essential that we keep blood drives going,” Ellis said. “For every unit of blood donated, the blood can go to three different people, and that’s three different lives saved.” 

Elizabeth Cappiello, a student in the Jupiter Medical Academy, heard about Oneblood through Ellis and learned about its impact on the community. 

“I signed up because the blood drive is really impactful,” Cappiello said. “You’re able to help the lives of so many who are truly in need and need [blood] donations.”

Regina Mroczek, a student in the Jupiter Medical Academy, signed up for the blood drive because of the benefit it has on the community.

“The experience overall was very good and all of the people running it were very nice,” Mroczek said. “The process went smoothly considering the fact that it was at the school.” 

Students who donate blood and platelets receive a free holiday blanket, a OneBlood t-shirt, snacks, drinks and community service hours.

You get five hours for donating regular blood and 10 hours for donating platelets. Not everyone can donate platelets due to the physical requirements and time spent drawing the blood, but the few that are able get the extra hours,” Ellis said.

Freddie Dozer, a sophomore, signed up for the blood drive, but was turned down for not meeting the 110 pounds weight requirement. 

“Sadly, I couldn’t donate blood because I am 15 pounds under the weight requirement. I was very upset because I thought I would be able to save lives and get a cool blanket,” Dozer said.

Before donating blood, donors were encouraged to eat a big breakfast and drink fluids. Snacks and drinks were also offered before donating.

“A lot of females experience low iron levels, so we recommend them taking iron supplements leading up to donating blood,” Ellis said.

Jupiter High is officially the top blood donor school of 2021 in Palm Beach County.