Student artwork featured at Brewhouse Gallery


Mia Risolia

JHS students artwork exhibited at Brewhouse Gallery.

Throughout the past month, Jupiter High student artists have had artwork displayed at The Brewhouse Gallery in Lake Park. 

For young art students, especially those looking for a career in art, having their works showcased in such an establishment is a great opportunity for them to gain experience and grow as artists.

“I think having your work displayed as a student helps demystify the process and helps young artists develop the confidence needed to display art in the future,” Sarah Knudston, Jupiter High art teacher, said. 

Knudston teaches AICE Digital Media and Design as well as AP 2D Design and Drawing, and is constantly looking for opportunities for her students to have their artwork displayed, including the Brewhouse Gallery. 

“The curator of the gallery reached out to the school and proposed this exhibition,” Knudston said. “I try to let my students know about as many opportunities to build and grow their college resumes as I can!”

Students who entered their artwork to be showcased took the exhibit as an opportunity to develop their skills. 

“I’d say I learned a lot and I know more about photography than I did before, especially long exposure,” Evan Davis, freshman, said. 

Melina Migoya, sophomore, similarly took the chance to practice new styles of art and was entered into the gallery. 

“I used ink to print, and made a stamp, and stamped the artwork. It’s like a repeating pattern, and I used a bunch of colors like neon pink, neon orange and blue,” Migoya said. “It looks kind of like flowers, so I titled it ‘Flower Power.’”

For Migoya, The Brewhouse Gallery display gave her the ability to branch out and experiment with different kinds of art. 

“Printing isn’t usually a style I do, so I got out of my comfort zone,” Migoya said. “It’s good to try new things.”

Zachary Jordan, senior, viewed the gallery as an amazing learning experience for the future. 

“I want to be an art historian, so I think the idea of curation and setting up the layout of the wall was very important, especially when putting certain pieces together to complement one another rather than take away from each other,” Jordan said. 

Jordan also found that having his art on display helped himself grow as an artist as well, and demonstrated to him that his pieces have value. 

“I think as an artist, I realized that my work was worth something, like it had monetary value, even though before it was like ‘Oh, this is just a little side hobby that I do for fun,’” Jordan said. “Now, it’s like ‘Oh, this is worth actual money,’ like this is worth my time and effort.” 

The students’ artwork is for sale, $25 a piece, and the money raised is being used as a fundraiser for Knudston’s classes to buy more Gelli Printing Plates, reusable printing plates used to make monoprints. 

“Hopefully, fingers crossed, we will sell out and will be able to get those Gelli Plates,” Knudston said. 

Ultimately, having their artwork displayed is an important part of their journey as artists. 

“I think having work displayed in a local gallery is a great opportunity for our students,” Knudston said. “The Brewhouse Gallery displays and sells artwork by many local artists and our students are being recognized alongside them which is a great opportunity.”