Warriors of Jupiter: Felix Lugo


Maddy Torres

Felix Lugo poses in the portable hallway.

Felix Lugo, junior, has become quite popular amongst students at Jupiter High School. Lugo makes his appearance on the JHS Student News with his “Joke of the Week” to put smiles on student’s faces. 

During the pep rally on Sept. 26, Lugo played his harmonica in front of the student body, who created light waves with their phone flashlights lighting up the gymnasium. Lugo has been wanting to play his harmonica at the pep rallies since he was a sophomore. 

“I wanted to change something about the pep rally for this year, which is to play my harmonica in front of the whole school,” Lugo said. “I wanted to make the change, so I grabbed my harmonica and I started playing.”

Students cheered and shouted Lugo’s name as he made his way to the center of the gym during the pep rally.

“It was beautiful. I thought people were going to make fun of me, but a lot of people liked it and I would like to do it again,” Lugo said. 

Lugo’s intention for starting the “Joke of the Week” was to ensure students started the day off in a positive way.

“I enjoy making people laugh by telling jokes,” Lugo said. “Ever since I said my [first] ‘Joke of the Week’ on the school news, many people wanted to hear more [jokes] from me.” 

Lugo came to Jupiter High at the start of 2021, he used to do the school news at Jupiter Middle School, so he was no stranger to being on camera. 

Felix’s ‘Joke of the Week’ segment is a welcome addition to the JHS Student News. I have received numerous comments from students and staff that whenever Felix is on, it brightens their day,” Madeline Miller, media specialist at Jupiter High, said.

During Lugo’s first year at Jupiter High, he was welcomed by David Anderson, Lugo’s sophomore geometry teacher.

“[Anderson] is funny and he liked to make the class laugh and I enjoyed doing that with him,” Lugo said.

Lugo is on the Jupiter High boys bowling team, who were seeded first at the Palm Beach County Championships on Oct. 17.

“He is like a ‘red bull’ for the team. Everyone feeds off of his positive energy,” Daniel Blasky, boys bowling coach and teacher, said. “He’s gone from averaging 50 to averaging 80 because he has been so eager to learn the simple little things I’ve tried to help him with.”

Lugo’s teammates enjoy having him on the team. 

“Felix is always smiling and in a good mood. He just adds great spirit to the team,” Jacob Muller, sophomore, said. 

Lugo looks forward to coming to school each day and seeing his friends and meeting new people around school. As well as, forming connections and new friendships with his peers.

I just like seeing old friends of mine and I like seeing new ones,” Lugo said. “I’m very kind and my heart is open for everyone.”