Houston Astros win World Series

The Philadelphia Phillies lost in game six of the World Series to the Houston Astros by three runs on Nov. 5. 

Andrew Abad, sophomore baseball player, attended the third game in Philadelphia and believes the home crowd was a big factor in winning. 

 “The crowd in Philadelphia was electric– when the starting pitcher goes out there everybody’s just on their feet cheering, it’s amazing,” Abad said. 

Philadelphia fans from across the nation came to see what was long awaited. The comeback into the world series had fans lined up at both the Astros and Phillies stadiums. 

“Everybody was wearing Phillies gear,” Abad said. “When I was in the hotel there were people walking around with Phillies gear and there were construction workers wearing Phillies hats.”

The Phillies’ hard work as a team has had a great influence on many athletes.

“I’ve met these guys personally. I’ve hit with them, I’ve practiced with them and they inspire me a lot. They’re people I look up to,” Abad said. 

Though the Astros are receiving hate for cheating in 2017, their fans believe they deserved this win despite past mistakes.  

“I dont think it’s true, 2017 was a long time ago. They have a new team now,” Ethan Trivison, freshman Astros fan, said.

Trivison believes the no-hitter thrown during game four was the Astros’ key to getting back on track.

“It really helped change the momentum of the world series,” Trivison said.  

Even though the Phillies hadn’t been in the World Series for 13 years, that didn’t discourage them. 

“We never doubted who we are or our identity as a team,” Bryce Harper, right fielder for the Phillies, said during an interview with Baseball on Fanatics View. “I’m grateful for this team and I’m grateful for this organization.”