Jupiter High’s drama department holds showcase


Mia Risolia

The variety show opened with the song “Ex-Wives” from the production of SIX.

Jupiter High’s drama department held its autumn theater showcase on Nov. 17 at Jupiter High. All performances, ranging from solos to monologues, to group numbers, showed the dedication of the drama club and the changes made to the department as a whole.  

Preparation for the showcase started early this school year and continued until the final dress rehearsal on Nov. 5. Performers and members of the technology crew attended bi-weekly practices, and many members held independent practices during lunch and after school. 

“The students have been working so hard. They’ve been putting a lot of love and care into it,”  Samantha Knight, drama teacher, said.  

This is Knight’s first year teaching and directing at Jupiter High School and in that time, Knight has implemented many changes to the theater department and club, including set practice days and elected positions, all of which have been positively received by her students.

“It definitely has changed a lot,” Isabella Venanzi, member of the drama club and showcase performer, said. “The teacher this year, she’s very committed, and she’s really knowledgeable.” 

The show was originally scheduled for Nov. 10. However, the date was moved due to Hurricane Nicole. 

“It’s a little upsetting, but I think the pushback was good and needed,” Celia Moon, tech director, said. “We definitely needed at least one more day, which we [had] on Tuesday.”

Students who attended the showcase were pleased with the theater’s improvements.

“Everyone in the show is very creative with what they picked and they are doing what they love,” Anna Pegler, freshman, said. “They were just so involved.”

The drama club advertised the event through the school announcements and fliers posted around the school. The Best Buddies also went together to see the show, which helped publicize the event.

“I heard about [the showcase] through the announcements and my best buddies director made it an activity for Best Buddies to do out of school,” Ashlee Russo, senior and president of the Best Buddies club said.