Jupiter students attend annual Tequesta Fest

Tequesta held their annual festival, “Tequesta Fest,” on Jan. 7, in Paradise Park. Tequesta residents are welcomed to attend for free, while non-residents pay a $20 fee for the event. 

This year the festival consisted of fair rides, carnival games, sponsored tents and food trucks.

“I went on the anti-gravity ride which was fun and the ride where you go straight up and drop down. That one was cool because you were high enough to see the ocean and the whole event,” Kylie Godino, junior, said. 

Tequesta Fest had a food truck from Little Moir’s Food Shack along with tents featuring lemonade, popcorn, ice cream, candied apples, cotton candy and funnel cakes, presented in a fair-like arrangement.

“I got a funnel cake and lemonade, the funnel cake was really good,” Juliette Scott, sophomore, said. “This was my first year [attending the festival] and I was surprised about the amount of food.” 

Tequesta residents grow up attending this event. Jennifer Deragon, a math teacher at Jupiter High, has brought her children to it every year. 

“I have been going to Tequesta Fest since 2011. My daughter was a brand new baby and now is in 5th grade,” Deragon said. 

Tequesta just held a winter event at Constitution Park on Dec. 2 and will hold more throughout the year. The area has created a community and involvement through the events they hold. 

“I love that you get to walk or ride a trolley to a fun community event. You see your neighbors, your students, your co-workers. It also helps build a sense of community,” Deragon said. “You can talk to the town councilman, meet the firemen and police  officers. It is something that is special to our town.”

These local events don’t go unappreciated by the community. 

“It is nice that the town organizes these events so you can go to something without leaving your neighborhood,” Deragon said. 

Jupiter High students also enjoyed the event. 

“It was really fun, I had a blast with my friends and the rides were fun,” Godino said.