Tennis serves up the competition 

Jupiter High boys and girls tennis has begun their 2023 seasons with a combined 15 wins and three losses. As their season progresses, the teams look forward to getting a championship win for Jupiter High.

I hope that the girls enjoy their season as well as it being a successful one for them. A successful season will come with hard work,” Cathy Lang, girls head coach, said.

Daniel Gustafson, junior, is enjoying his first year playing tennis for Jupiter.

“It is my first time ever playing but it’s really fun. You just run around and it’s not really hard but it’s a really tough, serious environment,” Gustafson said.

John Babcock, the boys head coach, feels confident in being district champions this year.

“[We need to] focus on our weak areas and practice on them,” Babcock said. “[I’m] constantly mixing and matching the players against each other.”

The players practice together almost everyday so their team chemistry is very good.

“I feel as though we play pretty well and all have a good connection,” Annamiek Gielen, sophomore, said. “It’s very fun and inclusive between the two teams.”

Ryan Finnegan, senior, is mentored by his dad, who played tennis at the University of Florida. 

“He coaches and gives me advice on how to hit better shots when I play with him,” Finnegan said.

Many on the team believe Wellington and Jensen Beach will be their biggest competitors this year.

“For me, Wellington is my biggest competitor because I played this one girl and she was the hardest I’ve ever played. Their players also play in a lot of tournaments,” Gabriella Michels, junior, said.

Even though it is mostly quiet, the players can still feel the intense energy around them.

“It’s usually very calm but you can still feel the stress and the pressure,” Lola Rothman, sophomore, said. “[I like] the feeling of winning a good point and my [team] always supports me.”