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The Student News Site of Jupiter Community High School

War Cry

The Student News Site of Jupiter Community High School

War Cry

Pickleball sweeps the country by storm

Addison Gload

Pickleball, the fastest growing sport in America for the fifth year in a row, continues to gain popularity in 2023. 

The sport is a combination of tennis, badminton and ping pong that anyone can play. It includes two open squares on both sides of the net and a place called the kitchen where you have to allow the ball to bounce before hitting it. This reduces the opportunity for a player to stand at the net and smack it down each volley.

“You have to serve cross-court and hit a wiffle ball back and forth,” Heidi McAmis, junior, said. “It is better to play with a teammate as there is more coverage, but overall super fun.”

One of the many benefits of pickleball is its improvement of health.

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“[Pickleball] improves hand eye coordination and footwork even when you’re not thinking about it,” Nolan Payne, junior, said. “It’s also good for speed and agility all while burning lots of calories.”

Many people play pickleball to spend time with their friends.

“It is really fun to play with your friends, as it can be competitive but also a good bonding experience as well,” McAmis said. “It allows for players to meet new people because it is mostly a team sport.”

Payne believes the most fun he has is when he gets to hit the ball as hard as he can, which is known as a slam.

“The best part is when you go up to the kitchen line and slam the ball on your opponent’s face,” Payne said. “Then they suffer in defeat.”

Pickleball is continuously gaining popularity, and schools like Jupiter High even offer it as a club. 

“Pickleball club meets around once a month at Carlin Park where we play against each other for a few hours. We also host tournaments against Dwyer’s pickleball club,” Jordan Guarneri, senior and co-president of the club, said.

The JHS Pickleball Club recently hosted their first tournament, Pickleball in Paradise, to support an organization called Athletes for Hope.

“[Athletes for Hope] caught our interest because it pretty much donates to people that are less fortunate and gives them equipment [needed],” Andrew Castro, senior and co-president of the club, said. 

There is a divide between people who look over the sport and others who absolutely love it. Many change their views of the game after they play it and realize the potential fun to be had.

“Pickleball can teach you life lessons on how to work as a team and that is a very important part for the future,” Payne said.


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About the Contributors
Klay Ilhardt, Sports Editor
Klay Ilhardt, junior, is going into his third year in War Cry and second year as the Sports Editor. In his free time, Illhardt likes hanging out with friends, working out and playing pickleball. His love for sports writing stems from his own personal experiences, with Illhardt playing baseball for both Jupiter High and a private travel team. As he approaches his senior year, he hopes to go to college in North Carolina or at the University of North Florida, where he plans on continuing his baseball career. In the time being, he plans on continuing to cover school sports events and is excited to continue writing articles.
Addison Gload, Media Manager and School News Editor
Addison Gload, junior, is the Media Manager and School News Editor for the Jupiter War Cry, having joined her sophomore year. Gload is always looking for new information to share with her peers; she enjoys being able to make school news known and sharing the ins and outs of what is happening. As a Fla. native, Gload takes part in clubs and leadership positions such as, Historian of Student Government Association and Parliamentarian of the Class of 2025 and now as a manager and editor in War Cry. “I like the class dynamic. [The staff] is really nice and sweet and helpful,” Gload said. “I also like being able to write and being on the website and being proud of what I put out and have other people be able to read it and learn from it.” Gload enjoys pursuing her passion for photography and being able to catalog wonderful memories through pictures. “I kind of started more in ninth grade when I took Media Studies, and they taught us how to photograph and then I’ve just been doing it on my own a little but I found that it's really fun to take really pretty pictures and seeing it again in the end,” Gload said.

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