Jupiter High students help custodial staff

Jupiter High’s custodial staffer, Mary Lee, monitoring the 4000 hallway on Oct. 11.

Katie Hiebert

Jupiter High’s custodial staffer, Mary Lee, monitoring the 4000 hallway on Oct. 11.

On Sept. 26, Jupiter High hosted an event where students helped their custodial staff clean the school. Students not only dusted, swept and tided up classrooms but also learned how to properly handle cleaning supplies.

“Jupiter High is a green school, so that means we use all organic chemicals to clean the campus. When cleaning the bathroom, we have to use a chemical that kills germs and diseases so that you, the students, don’t catch…diseases,” Earl McGee, Jupiter High’s head custodian, said.

Custodians not only work hard during the school year but also over the summer where they learn how and when to use certain chemicals and cleaning agents. They also learn how to decipher different-colored rags that each has a specific use or cleaning agent.

Although the event was helpful, custodians expressed concern about students handling cleaning supplies. Since the custodial staff has to go to classes to learn about how and when to use chemicals and about what happens if they use the wrong ones, the custodians had to give students jobs that didn’t involve harmful cleaning agents. Custodians also had to teach students proper cleaning techniques.

“We use chemicals to clean certain things, and the students can’t be responsible to clean with them. We have to put them into the classrooms to dust or wipe down tables,” McGee said.

In addition to cleaning the classrooms, students helped tidy up the courtyard and cafeteria, where the majority of students eat lunch.

“I do want this to happen again because we need help cleaning the courtyard and cafeteria. These areas are the most work to pick up, and sometimes we need a little help,” custodian Tina Bean said.