Warriors of Jupiter: Johnathan Mosley


Senior quarterback Johnathan Mosley lead the varsity football team to a winning record of 6-4, winning their last home against South Fork High School. 

Mosley moved to Jupiter, Fla. last year after living in Naperville, Illinois since birth. 

“The biggest challenge from moving was probably starting over new and having to make new friends,” Mosley said. 

Mosley has been playing football since he was in elementary school, and continued to play on his middle school’s team.

“I love creating friendships with everybody and just getting like a bond with your teammates,” Mosley said.

Mosley is the captain and his teammates said he is an amazing leader.

“John encourages us by reminding us of the potential our team has and what we can do,” junior Cesar Oneid said.

His teammates also said they love his work ethic.

“He is always a hard worker and his actions speak for himself. That’s my guy and he is the best quarterback to come out of Jupiter,” senior wide receiver Jaramaya Olivares said.

Mosley said balancing academics and football is a very difficult, but he tries his best to succeed on and off of the field.

Mosley plans to play football in college at Georgetown University, Davidson College or Columbia University and aspires to play in the NFL.