Warriors of Jupiter: Dennis Connolly


Dennis Connolly and Susan Diaz attend the swim and dive state championships at Sailfish Water Park in Stuart, Fla.

Dennis Connolly, Jupiter High’s water polo and swim and dive coach, retired Dec. 9 after working at Jupiter High for 17 years.

After living in Portland, Maine for 50 years, Connolly moved to Florida 20 years ago. 

“If you add those two together, I’m 70 years of age,” Connolly said.

Connolly is very involved with the school, not only during the day, but also after school. His favorite part about working at Jupiter High is his interaction with students.

“They’re a lot of fun to be around, and they’re very enjoyable… makes me feel younger,” Connolly said.

While working at Jupiter High, Connolly has bonded with hundreds of kids.

“My first year I did [In-school suspension]. I did ISS for two years; unfortunately, I met some of the other kids that [weren’t] a lot of fun to be around,” Connolly said. “So I had to get out of ISS to join this crowd, to meet some really nice kids.”

Jupiter High Assistant Principal Susan Diaz encouraged Connolly to start working at the school.

“Mrs. Diaz, who is one of my former swim coaches, thought I would be great here at the high school with my laid back way I do things,” Connolly said. “She said I’d be perfect for Jupiter High School.”

Connolly’s happiest day of his life was when he got married and had his children.

“When I got married and had children,” Connolly said.

In Connolly’s free time, he enjoys playing golf and going to the beach. When he retires, he plans to improve his golf game at Mirasol Country Club.

When the school year ends, it will also be the end of Connolly coaching water polo.

“I may come back in the future; I’m gonna miss it a lot,” Connolly said.

As a coach and mentor for 17 years, Connolly will be missed, not only for his calm demeanor but also for his good advice.

“Always be kind and always be giving and don’t expect anything in return,” Connolly said.