Student photographers capture the school

War Cry photo editor Kaysa Flemk-Joli works to get the perfect shot for the article on new school regulations because of COVID-19.

Whether being stampeded by a crowd of football players or simply standing on a chair, the photographers for Jupiter High’s campus publications work hard to capture the important moments of a school year in a unique way. 

Grace Owosina, a Jupiter High senior, photographs the school for the award-winning Chieftain yearbook. She is the photo editor for the yearbook staff and focuses on getting the perfect yearbook shot by changing her viewpoint.  

“I love experimenting with pictures and trying to find the perfect angle,” Owosina said. “A lot of the time I shoot photos from lower angles because it empowers the subject. It also provides a different perspective that many people haven’t seen.”

Owosina said she has met amazing people through photography, including professional photographers whom she shadowed last school year. In addition to improving her photography skills, Owosina enjoys knowing she has taken photos that people can cherish for a lifetime. 

“For me, being able to take pictures for the yearbook has given me a chance to meet a lot of new people and get some cool shots that people will be able to have in their yearbooks forever,” Owosina said.

Kaysa Flemk-Joli is also a Jupiter High senior and campus photographer. As the War Cry photo editor, she oversees all photos for the school’s newspaper. 

Flemk-Joli enjoys photographing everything from school spirit events to sports to local scenery. Her love of photography began with AICE Photography, where her teacher Sarah Knudtson inspired her to take photos for the school newspaper.

Flemk-Joli’s most treasured part of taking pictures is remembering how she and her subjects felt the moment the photo was taken.

“To me, photography is always capturing the emotions and showing the memories of the past or what’s going on in that specific situation so that I can either remember it or other people in the picture can be like, “Oh wow! I remember that feeling,” Flemk-Joli said.

Flemk-Joli tries to think outside of the box when she sets up a photo shoot. 

“I always try to go for unconventional angles. Everybody else is [eye level], but I try to lie down to get an up-angle or down-angle or stand over someone,’ Flemk-Joli said. “The picture can look more unique rather than just a picture.”

Flemk-Joli also enjoys seeing people’s reactions to her pictures.

“I just like taking pictures. It’s fun for me, and then whenever I give the people the photos that I took, I like seeing their reaction,” Flemk-Joli said. “I don’t really tell people that I’m taking the picture so that they can be as pure with their emotions.”

Like Flemk-Joli, Logan Dellapina takes photos for Jupiter High’s War Cry. As the photo manager for the school newspaper, she enjoys capturing important events, from an exciting play in a game to a student giving back to the community to a teacher inspiring a class.

“To me, photography is all about capturing a moment that lasts forever,” Dellapina said. “I think it is the coolest thing to take pictures of everything because not only do you have the memories in your head but also have a memory you can go back and look at.”

Dellapina’s favorite part of being a school photographer is her ability to create beauty with her pictures.   

“When I take pictures, I enjoy more action and scenery photos…just getting the perfect moment and most beautiful part of what I’m taking a photo of,” Dellapina said. 

Dellapina likes to experiment with different perspectives in her photos. 

“The perfect photo can involve the angles, the lighting, the quality and so much more. I try my very best to make sure all these are on point to get a good photo,” Dellapina said.