Jupiter High’s JROTC leaders create new standards

She stands there, in charge of everything, looking proud and clean. Her uniform is perfect. Her right-hand officer and friend stands at her side. Together, they make everything run.  

Jupiter High’s JROTC staff has set the standard for equality in the entire program, with its first-ever, all-female leadership team. 

Matyln Howell, senior, Kimberly Owens, junior, and Maya Amersi, senior, oversee a large group of cadets and students in one of the most successful JROTC programs in the district. 

“Compared to how it [is] run this year when there are three women as the core leaders and how it was run last year with men in some of those positions, it seems to run just as smoothly.” Gavin Baird, a Jupiter High School junior, said. 

Howell, who has been in JROTC for four years, is in charge of the 247 cadets in the program, called the battalion. 

“Everything the battalion does or fails to do reflects on me. I regulate the staff and make sure they do their work and fulfill their responsibilities,” Howell said. 

Owens, the Battalion’s Executive Officer who helps the commander with running the Battalion, explained the most efficient way to get on staff is to be involved with the program. 

“If you show potential for a position, and you show the instructors and the recent staff members that you’re worthy of the position, you will most like be accepted,” Owens said. 

According to Amersi, being on staff has its benefits, ranging from leadership and organizational skills to an advantage when applying to colleges. 

“You will have a say in how the battalion runs and be able to influence and train underclassmen for the following years…Staff looks great on your college transcript and shows a lot of leadership potential,” Amersi said. 

Being on the JROTC leadership staff is an honor and provides multiple opportunities for the future.

“The instructors do such [a good] job with teaching you skills you’ll use in the future and guiding you to learn about yourself and what you want to do with your life. They not only teach you military skills, but they encourage you to challenge your potential and do what is good for you and your future,” Amersi said. 

Amersi believes gender shouldn’t affect being on the leadership staff. 

“It makes me content seeing that we have progressed. It should be based on the individual’s qualifications and accomplishments,” Amersi said.