Warriors of Jupiter: Kierstyn Fisher

Kierstyn Fisher, sophomore, was honored as the Jan. student of the month for Jupiter High School. Her teachers and peers recognized her for being eager to help and for lifting the spirits of those around her. 

Fisher was nominated by her Algebra II Honors teacher, Mrs. Brenda Troyer. Troyer explained how Fisher helps her with the SMART Board and Google Meets, new technology for teachers who are required to teach to both on-campus and online students. Google Meets allow distance learners to join each class to participate in lessons, class discussions and assessments from home.  

“Kierstyn Fisher is a very helpful student who can always be counted on to bring humor and knowledge to her classes,” Troyer said. 

Fisher’s humor and personality are highlighted each morning as she delivers the morning announcements via the JHS Student News. She was encouraged to join the school’s news team by her friend, Jason Dobuler, a junior also on the news team.

“Last year, I was assigned to do the SGA News…I filmed while Jason and the other newsies at the time were there preparing to film the normal news. After I finished, Jason immediately said that I should join my sophomore year. He ended up saying this to me multiple times,” Fisher said. 

Dobuler has been on the news crew for three years and works with Fisher every day.

“I don’t know many people as upbeat, hardworking and of course school spirited as Kierstyn,” Dobuler said. “She’s just a fun person, so I thought she would be perfect for the job. And I was right, she’s always fun to work with and always fun to watch.”  

Fisher enjoys presenting the morning news and does it in a confident, engaging way, but it wasn’t always easy for her. 

“It definitely was a little nerve wracking doing the SGA News freshman year and then the first couple times for the normal news. Even now I get a little nervous about making sure I don’t mess up an announcement,” Fisher said.

Even if she is nervous, she never lets it show on camera. Before the morning news Fisher was involved with speech, debate and theatre at Jupiter Middle School and recently volunteered with their performance of ‘Frozen’ the musical. 

“My favorite part of plays was watching the magic come together from both onstage and watching from backstage,” Fisher said. “To see all the work you put in over weeks of rehearsals come together was absolutely spectacular and was such an amazing feeling to have.” 

Fisher also has a number of hobbies and interests, like playing the ukulele and baking. She enjoys hanging out with her friends whenever she can. 

“I’ve so far made three cakes, about five brownie pans, and tens of dozens of cookies. You can ask some of my closest friends, as they were my guinea pigs for new flavors,” Fisher said.

Hanging out with friends safely during a pandemic and keeping up with doing what she loves doesn’t stop her from excelling in school. 

“I would say I’m doing quite splendid in school. My grades are at a point where I don’t feel like I need to go into panic mode to try to raise them,” Fisher said. 

Jupiter High’s Student Government Association has been a big part of Fisher’s life and has guided her to being the hard-working student she is. 

“Coach D [has] taught me how to delegate tasks and prioritize effectively. He has also given his advice for managing stress, previously saying ‘why stress over something you can’t control?’, which has really helped when worrying over things,” Fisher said. 

Being so involved in activities and schoolwork can very easily stress out a student, but Fisher perseveres and faces her challenges with a plan. 

“Sometimes, people enjoy the challenge of having to juggle a lot of work and they do it really well,” Fisher said. “Again, it is perfectly okay if you don’t enjoy having a challenge like this. When dealing with clubs and sports, certain times of your day will be taken, and to ensure you can finish your work on time, it is a good idea to plan ahead what you’re going to do throughout the week.” 

Fisher’s plan allows her to make time to spend time with her friends, who are very important to her, and to get her work done. Her friends have a big influence on her life, and she relies on them in this unconventional school year. 

“They’re my people to lean on when I need help, advice or just a shoulder to lean on,” Fisher said. 

Fisher makes sure to surround herself with driven students like herself to further her performance.

“Besides from the fact they’re all doing great regarding academics, they all have something that they’re passionate about, and their constant effort to do the things they love. [It] gives me the motivation to put the same effort and passion into the things that I love to do,” Fisher said. 

Known for her bubbly personality and school spirit, Fisher is working with SGA to face the challenges of this school year, and she is working on finding ways to bring spirit to JHS.

“Beyond academics, myself and a group of lovely people who are also in SGA, have worked hard to try to keep the school spirit that we saw last year alive. It’s been challenging due to COVID, but I would like to think that we’ve kept the spark of spirit burning bright,” Fisher said. 

Participating in SGA and the news has allowed Fisher to form bonds with people she didn’t know before. 

“I’ve built relationships with both students and staff at JHS that I potentially would have never talked to. As a mere freshman last year, being overwhelmed with the amount of people, I couldn’t imagine trying to socialize with new people. I’ve definitely stepped out of my shell a lot since day one at JHS,” Fisher said. 

Writer’s Note: JHS is so proud to have such a positive and hard wor king student like Fisher to represent our school for the month of Jan. She was very deserving of this award and continues to make students and teachers proud, be sure to congratulate her.