Boys weightlifting competes at regionals

Jupiter High’s boys’ weightlifting team had a successful season, ending in regional competition on April 9 after placing third in the district championship on April 1. 

“There are multiple teams that compete against each other to see who can lift more,” Aidan Burgess, freshman weightlifter, said. “My role is to try and lift more than the other teams in my weight class.”

Because of COVID-19, part of the boys’ weightlifting season was put on hold, but they rallied back to end the season strong. One reason for their success was their motivation to compete as a team, even though weightlifting could be considered an individual sport. 

“We treat each other like brothers, but we also are closer than brothers,” Myles Horton, junior weightlifter, said.

Christopher Collins, another junior weightlifter, agreed, saying being part of a team not only helped with a challenging year but also kept him in shape.

“I really enjoy boys’ weightlifting,” Collins said. “It helps me move to become the best I can be as well as supporting and receiving support from your teammates.”

Under the guidance of graduating seniors, the underclassmen are eager to continue the success of this year’s team into a new season not hindered by COVID-19. 

“This is my second year in weightlifting, and I plan on doing it next year too,” Dakota Vineyard, junior, said.

Kevin Fleury, the boys’ weightlifting coach and PE teacher, made it a priority this season to guide his team to victory, pushing them both mentally and physically.

“Coach Fleury is one of the best coaches,” Collins said. “He is very supportive and uplifting with the team but also knows how to be stern when the time is needed.”