Warrior Dance Team performs at Miami Heat game


Jupiter High’s Warrior Dance Team owned the floor during their halftime performance at the Miami Heat’s first game of the season on Oct. 21. The night ended with a win for both the dance team and the Miami Heat. 

To prepare for their performance, the dance team did extensive conditioning and practice. Building up stamina was the main goal for the girls to perfect their long routine. 

“We did everything we could to prepare and I knew that we all had the dance memorized. It wasn’t much different than performing at a normal competition or pep rally,” Michelle Turenne, a senior on the dance team said.

The dance team’s choreography was instructed by Sean Green, the owner of Sean Green’s Dance Factory. 

“He’s a crazy-talented choreographer and everything he comes up with is amazing, so it was cool to be able to use his choreography for such a big performance,” Parker Betz, a senior on the dance team said.

After seeing a video of the dance team performing at past competitions and performances, the Miami Heat coordinators reached out to Gina Manno, the dance team’s coach and invited them to perform at the season opener.

“I was super excited because being a Miami Heat dancer has always been a dream of mine so to know that I was going to be dancing at a Miami Heat game just like them was crazy,” Betz said.

The dance team had known about this opportunity since last year’s competition season.

“Last year during competition practice our coach told us the news and my jaw dropped. We were all so shocked because well, it was Miami Heat,” Allie George, a sophomore on the dance team said.

Being given this opportunity to dance in front of thousands of people was nerve-racking and exciting for the dance team.

“Nervous was an understatement. Everybody on the team was extremely anxious and excited for the performance,” George said.

The dance team has already been asked to come back for another game later in the season.