Jupiter businesses are hiring students

With so many places hiring, Jupiter High students offer recommendations on where to apply and on what jobs are best for teens. 


Hosting is a popular job, especially for high school students. The job consists of answering phone calls, scheduling reservations, passing out menus, guiding people to their tables, fulfilling customer requests and taking to-go orders. Most places hiring require applicants to be at least 16 years old. Alex Armstrong, a Jupiter High junior, works at Papichulos, a popular spot for tacos on US1 in Tequesta. 

“I’ve only been working there for a month, and I’m friends with everybody,” Amrstrong said. “Everyone who works there is super nice to each other.”

According to Armstrong, being open and friendly are qualities people need to apply for a hostess job at Papichulos.


Another popular job spot among Jupiter High students is Publix. Grant Oliver, a Jupiter High junior, works at the Alton Publix as a front service clerk. The job requires employees to bag groceries, offer to help take them to peoples cars and grab grocery carts. The minimum age to apply for a job at Publix is 14.

“You get a great experience and everyone there is doing the best to make sure your experience and the customers’ experience is awesome,” Oliver said. 

According to Oliver, his coworkers are of all ages which makes the work environment fun and different. Oliver explained Publix is lenient with work schedules when it comes to school. 

“Honestly, they’re super flexible and know people go to school. You can definitely balance school and working at Publix together,” Oliver said. 

In addition to flexible schedules, Publix allows students to work their way up in their store.

”There is another student I know who started working after me, and he’s already working at customer service. By putting in his work hours he has worked his way up in less than a year.” 

Jupiter Farms Pizza

Jupiter Farms Pizza is looking for student employees who are not only hard-working but also pizza lovers. Robert McNally, a Jupiter High junior who works at Jupiter Farms Pizza, makes all kinds of pizza and calls customers when their orders are ready. He loves his job, especially when it involves tips from customers who appreciate his hard work. 

“You have to be able to learn how to make different things on the menu, and be good at customer service because you have to ring people up and take their order,” McNally said. 

Jupiter Farms Pizza is currently in need of workers, and McNally recommends the job.

“It’s a nice, fun environment and I’m able to take off when I need to,” McNally said. 


Another job that requires hard workers and people who enjoy making food is Chipotle Mexican Grill. Jonathan Kissel, a Jupiter High junior, is a crew member which requires him to know how to do mostly everything in the restaurant. He cooks and preps food, and occasionally cleans as well. 

“You should be able to keep up. It’s a hectic environment especially, since it is so popular nowadays,” Kissel said. 

This job pays higher than the state’s minimum wage for employees 16 years and older.

Oceana Coffee Roasters 

A job at Oceana Coffee Roasters requires employees to learn about coffee, computers and packaging. Employees have the option to learn how to be a barista and/or deal with sales. A student with a positive attitude and hard working mindset is recommended for this job. The advantage of taking people’s orders is regularly making new friends, which can make working at Oceana Coffee Roasters fun. Also, you get bonus opportunities on top of minimum wage pay and tips. Bonus opportunities can be from selling a certain amount of food or coffee bags. 

Home Depot

Home Depot is also hiring lot associates for people 16 years or older. The job consists of assisting customers with loading vehicles and monitoring. Customer service skills are required, and the job comes with benefits like discounts on certain products. Employees get a different job experience working at Home Depot than at a restaurant or coffee shop, since this job requires you to encounter people of all ages with different needs.