Busch Wildlife Sanctuary to relocate to Jupiter Farms


Marco Thomas

Busch Wildlife is moving to a new location in Jupiter Farms.

On June 3, 2021, Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, located in Palm Beach County, announced that they would be moving locations to Jupiter Farms sometime in 2022.

Jupiter Farms is known to have vast amounts of wildlife and beautiful properties. Busch Wildlife moving out there will benefit the public and the animals.

“The farms is filled with wildlife, by having the sanctuary so close it makes wild animal care much more accessible,” Zoie Kline, Jupiter High senior, said. 

Busch Wildlife is using a large plot of land on Rocky Pines Road, which was originally intended to be a soccer complex. 

“With Busch Wildlife’s growing need to help more animals, the previous location was getting a bit small,” Kline said. “This new location will not only expand the exhibits but also upgrade the hospital and care centers.”

Kline volunteered at Busch Wildlife for over a year which has pushed her to pursue her preferred career as a large animal veterinarian.

“It was an amazing experience that not only educated me on my local environment, but also on veterinary practices that I hope to expand on in my future,” Kline said.

Ashley Ingram, junior, currently volunteers at Busch Wildlife and sees concerns with moving the location.

“They are a non-profit organization so they run solely on donations,” Ingram said. “Since not everyone chooses to donate, the move could be a bit of a stretch financially,”

Ingram is helping the transition to the new location by continuing to help educate children that come to their education center.

“They haven’t really started moving yet, they’re still very much operating out of their location right now,” Ingram said. “They are working on finalizing all the details of the new location before they can move anything”.

Plans like these are always subject to change so the moving date could be pushed back. When driving past the new location in Jupiter Farms, viewers can see a sign that says, “Future home of Busch Wildlife Sanctuary.”