Jupiter High students celebrate perfect scores on spring assessments


Mia Risolia

Jupiter High students hold certificates recognizing perfect scores on state standardized testing.

On Sept. 13, Jupiter High School celebrated students with a perfect score on their spring assessment with certificates and donuts from Jupiter Donuts.

Paige Groesbeck, junior, took the English Language Arts Assessment and had enjoyed the breakfast.

“It was rewarding for all the work that I put in,” Groesbeck said. “It was a nice time to sit down and enjoy yourself.”

Although Groesbeck felt that she worked hard, she had been surprised with her score. 

“I was stressed out about the exam,” Groesbeck said. “Some of the questions I wasn’t sure if I was getting right.”

While others, like Sydnie Grubba, senior, who took the U.S. History EOC Assessment, were confident during their exam.

“I owe it all to Mrs. Hanssen,” Grubba said. “She was an amazing teacher, so I felt prepared when I walked in (to take the test).”

Jenna Hanssen teaches AP U.S. History and had led a practice review the day before the exam. Nine of Hanssen’s students received a perfect score on the U.S. History EOC.

Like Grubba, Grosebeck felt that Bethann Householder, AICE English Language teacher, had prepared her well through means of practice tests. 

“She taught techniques that helped me a lot with the exam,” Grosebeck said. 

From Hanssen’s perspective, the best thing a student can do is put in the effort.

“The biggest thing is to pay attention in class, take notes, and do the homework,” Hanssen said. “But when you’re doing the homework, don’t just try to get it done and hand in a piece of paper, do it to actually learn.”

When it comes to the test itself, Michael Messer, a junior who received a perfect score on the English Language Arts Assessment, recognizes the importance of going at your own pace.

“If you rush trying to learn or work, you won’t be able to do your best. It’s important to work at your own pace and not compare yourself to others,” Messer said.

Alana Freed, sophomore, received a perfect score on her Biology 1 EOC Assessment and shares her wisdom for others taking the exam.

“Don’t panic,” Freed said. “Try your best and however it goes, it goes.”

Congratulations to the following students who received a perfect score on their Spring Assessments: Madeline Cantrell, Alanna Freed, Addison Gload, Jake Gruba, Brady Toher, Blaize Hicks, Lea Abito, Paige Groesbeck, Michael Messer, Nicolas White, Kate Butters, Latisha De Jesus, Claire Glenn, Connor Opton, Samuel Chen, Ava Cyr, Sydnie Grubba, Rainey Hicks, Ariel Jones, Cassidy Martin, Brennan Milliard, Colden Reeves and Dane Ventura.