Girls weightlifting defeats Gardens

Girls weightlifting starts a successful 2022 season already with four wins and only one loss.

Since Oct., lifters have been working to increase their maximum weight and gain muscle mass. Jupiter won their home meet against Palm Beach Gardens High School on Dec. 12. Kylie Radi, junior, placed first in her weight class, despite this year being her first on the team. 

“I got 75 [pounds] for clean and jerk, 80 [pounds] for bench and 45 [pounds] for snatch, which was the best in my weight class,” Radi said. 

Radi isn’t the only new teammate this year. 

“Our team is mostly new people, but everyone learned really fast and we’ve had a strong team,” Sally Jones, junior, said. 

The girls encourage each other to get a personal record, for individual and group gain. 

“Everyone’s spirit at today’s meet was amazing and we all did great, we each pushed each other to hit our max which led us to win,” Radi said.  

Each teammate has different motives for getting involved with the sport. 

“Weightlifting is in between cross country and track season, and I wanted to be stronger for pole vaulting during track,” Jacklyn Biondo, sophomore, said.

Callie Cyr, freshman, joined the team through the motivation of her sister, who was on the team in prior years; she has also grown to appreciate the sport. 

“I like to practice and being with my friends and lifting with them, and having team dinners after meets,” Cyr said.

At the previous meet, on Dec. 5, Ginger Gilbert, junior was able to surpass her personal record against Dwyer. 

“I did pretty well. I got new [personal records] in all of my lifts and I felt really accomplished,” Gilbert said.

The lifters have all shown consistent improvement this year. 

“All of my lifts improved a lot from last year and I’ve been able to get first place in my weight class for every meet,” Jones said.

Come out to support the girls at districts on Jan. 25.