Jupiter High softball team undefeated

The Jupiter High softball team has begun their 2023 season undefeated with a record of 13 wins and zero losses. With 10 games left in the season, the team continues to work hard in preparation for playoffs, which are scheduled May 1- 4. 

“So far, the team is off to a really good start,” Amanda Lieberman, senior, said. “We are undefeated and we have been playing really well.”

The players have been training since tryouts and preseason in mid-January, and have since built strong bonds that have helped them win many of their games. 

“We are a very strong team that plays well together,” Emma Luchessi, junior, said. “We take each game at a time and put in the work every single day at practice.”

For Luchessi, who has played on the varsity team since her freshman year, a key part of her success this season is because of their team dynamic both on and off the field. 

“I think everyone as a whole has stepped up and contributed greatly to the team, especially the freshmen,” Luchessi said. “Working as a team, or guiding each other, has helped us overcome obstacles.”

The toughest competitor the team has faced so far was Dwyer earlier in the season, with them just barely being able to secure a win against their well-known rivals.

“My favorite moment of the season was coming into pitch against Dwyer and beating them 5-4,” Lainey Hall, freshman, said.

Hall attributes the team’s victory to the hard work and dedication of her teammates, as well as the chemistry between the players. 

“We play really well as a team and all seem to come together,” Hall said. 

The team is scheduled to play against Dwyer again in one of their later games, and expect the same results. 

“They never give up and have a good little team, but we came out on top,” Lieberman said. “We play them one more time this year, and I know they are going to come and give it their all, but we aren’t going to let up. It should be a good game!”

As the end of their regular season approaches, the team has started thinking about Districts, where they will face off against some of their strongest opponents. 

Despite the difficulty, Sienna Rodriguez, freshman, is sure that her team will perform well throughout their playoffs through both skill and determination. 

“Our strengths are definitely never giving up, no matter the situation,” Rodriguez said. “We have been undefeated so far, and I think it will stay that way.”

With such a successful season, the players are hopeful for a similarly successful postseason in playoffs. 

“I believe that if we keep playing the way we have been playing we will go far in the playoffs,” Luchessi said. “We have a good enough team to go far, we just need to keep taking one game at a time and not get ahead of ourselves.”

Ultimately, their success throughout the rest of the regular season and playoffs is dependent on the relationships between one another. 

“All we have to do is trust each other and have each other’s backs,” Lieberman said. “We have been working so hard at practice, and I know we can be successful in playoffs as long as we keep playing the way we know how to play.”