Jupiter High’s Drama Club performs “Little Women”


Provided by the Jupiter High Drama Club's Instagram

From left, Cecile Rubin, Anna Giulia, Bella Venanzi, Lauren Meira and Sophia Papayannis rehearse on stage.

Jupiter High School’s Drama Club is performing “Little Women” on April 20 at 7 p.m. and April 22 at 2 p.m. in Jupiter High’s auditorium. 

“Little Women,” a coming-of-age novel written by Louisa May Alcott set in 1860s Massachusetts, tells the story of the March sisters and their journeys through their childhood and adult life. Navigating themes of love and loss, the book, turned play, highlights important themes of perseverance and family.

Auditions for the school’s production began on Jan. 18 – 20, and auditioners were expected to prepare a 32-bar cut of a song from a musical, as well as a minute-long monologue.

“[After the monologues] we moved to cold readings where we were given random characters and scenes by director Ms. Knight,” Sophia Papayannis, sophomore who plays the lead in the play, Jo March, said. “[We] had to show off our acting skills without preparation.”

The official cast list is Sophia Papaynnis (Jo March), Bella Venanzi (Amy March), Anna Giulia Muraro (Beth March and Clarissa), Cecile Rubin (Laurie), Lauren Meira (Meg March), Juan Gallego (Professor Bhaer), Taylor Preston (Marmee March), Mimi Dominguez (Aunt March), Josephine Camposeco (Mr. John Brooke), Caralyne Blake (Mrs. Kirk), Z Tribou (Rodrigo), Isabella Fitzgerald (Sir Braxton Prendergast), Ivette Moretta (The Hag), Rylee Fox (The Troll), Angel Marchena (The Knight), Liv Shull (Rodrigo II). The Ensemble is Victoria Hillberg, Daniela Garcia-Ortiz and Kylee Peterson.

Jeyli Nolasco-Gomez, sophomore, operates the sound booth and controls the music alongside Jenny Mendez, sophomore. 

“I’m absolutely amazed at how dedicated everyone has been to this musical,” Gomez said. “The choreography, the costumes and even their voices. I’d say they’re better than the [Little Women] Spotify soundtrack.” 

Rehearsals are three times a week from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., but preparation for “Little Women” goes beyond the auditorium rehearsals, with the student actors making an effort to get together and practice outside of school.

“I adore the cast and tech I get to work. We spend incredible amounts of time together [which] is a huge part of a production,” Papapyannis said. “I know even when we’re not together rehearsing, we are working on our materials at home and practicing together outside of school to ensure we do the best we possibly can.”

Anna Giulia Muraro, junior, was originally supposed to play just Clarissa but stepped in to also play the role of Beth March, one of the many main characters. 

“I’m an exchange student from Italy and I’ve always loved acting,” Muraro said. “The American movies where the main characters are stars of a school theater production have always been a big part of my life, not to mention my love for [Little Women].”

Bella Venanzi, sophomore, plays Amy March, the youngest March sister. Venanzi is also the student director and choreographer.

“I’ve been doing theater since kindergarten and it’s become a huge part of my life,” Venanzi said. “I’ve done the Little Women musical twice before, so it’s safe to say this show is very near and dear to my heart.”

As the March sisters are very close in the production, it’s only fitting that the student actors have formed bonds with one another, which becomes evident when they are performing.

“Being in a cast for a musical is something so special,” Papayannis said. “Everyone comes out as great friends because we are all working so hard together for so long on a common goal, and it creates beautiful bonds that I cherish.”

Tickets can be purchased on Jupiter High’s GoFan. Student admission is $10 and general admission is $15.

JHS Drama Club’s Instagram: @jhs.drama.club