Jupiter High Winter Guard performs at spring pep rally 


Addison Gload

The Colorguard perform at a JHS pep rally

Jupiter High Winter Guard performed their elaborate routine titled “We are One” at the spring pep rally on April 11. They have also been a part of a series of successful competitions this year, where they made it all the way to finals. 

The team rehearses for three hours every Monday and Wednesday to perfect their routines. 

“They have been working on their skills since June, and they started working on that specific show in around December, so four months, two days a week after school working together,” Ryan Ross, band director, said.

The band program hired Danny Joebear to choreograph and orchestrate the elaborate winter guard routines during first hour class and after school. The team incorporated flags, wooden rifles, metal sabers, boxes, and a show floor into their routine. 

“The hardest part is definitely learning the choreography at first, but then we eventually get it,” Emily Zuba, junior, said. 

This was the first time the winter guard performed at the pep rally this year.

“I was really nervous to perform at the pep rally, mostly because it was people that I know and when we perform at competitions we don’t usually know who’s in the audience. It was really fun though,” Zuba said. 

However, once they completed their five and a half minute routine perfectly, the crowd erupted with applause and excitement. 

“I felt really good that everyone was clapping,” Miley Manis, junior, said.

In their competition season, they made it all the way to finals at the University of Miami on April 8. 

“We ended up getting third out of every one and we got these medals,” Manis said. 

The team continues to practice yearlong and during fall football they have the opportunity to perform during the football games with large crowds. 

“My favorite part is during marching season,” Arianna Hoffman, junior, said. “I like having a huge group and performing on the football field with the band.”

The girls form close relationships with each other through their extensive practices. 

“My favorite part about being in guard is definitely the memories I make with the team and the staff. I met some of my best friends through guard. I also love to perform at competitions. And I love learning choreography and new tricks,” Zuba said.