Local pet adoptions on the rise during pandemic


Ericka Muncy

A silver lining to the global crisis is that pet adoptions have seen their highest numbers since the arrival of COVID-19 in our community. 

At the Animal Care and Control Center in West Palm Beach, more people are fostering and adopting animals than ever before to help the shelter and give the animals a safe-haven.

“We currently have one cat and 30 dogs,” Animal Services Representative Lorenz Small said. “More fosters have been coming in to take them which is so great.”

When it comes to adopting or fostering a pet during this time, the center has taken extra precautions to make sure everything stays clean and that the animals are healthy.

“We clean very regularly, interacting with customers has to be done with masks on and we’ve limited people from coming inside, If anyone does come here, we keep at least a six feet distance from everyone,” Small said.

Animal Care and Control’s biggest priority during the outbreak of COVID-19 is to keep the customers safe and healthy and to give the animals permanent homes. 

“We are proud to be able to get all these animals their forever homes at a faster rate,” Small said. “We just want to see everyone be safe.”

If you want to contribute to helping the shelter, you can put items such as blankets, newspaper, cages, towels, etc., into the bin in front of the center. To donate online click here.

If you’re looking to adopt or foster a pet click here.