President Trump and First Lady test positive for COVID-19

President Trump confirmed via Twitter he and his wife tested positive for coronavirus on Oct. 1. As of Oct. 5, COVID-19 has killed more than 210,000 Americans.

The announcement of Trump’s diagnosis raises questions about who else has been exposed to the virus, how long the president has been infected and whether or not the situation will impact the upcoming election. Until further notice, election day will be held on Nov. 3.

Trump has suspended his campaign events for now, and this could potentially upend the 2020 presidential race.

Prior to returning to the White House on Monday evening, Trump spent almost four days at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for treatment of COVID-19. While there, he continued to pursue his official responsibilities. According to the Chicago Tribune, a senior administration official said Trump planned to work from the White House once he is out of hospitalization.

White House physician Sean Conley said the president experienced significant oxygen drops on Friday and Saturday and was given dexamethasone–a steroid typically given to patients who are suffering substantially from the coronavirus.

Based on the number of people Trump comes into contact with every day, it is highly unlikely that others have not been infected as well. Just days before, he and democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden met in Cleveland for the first presidential debate. There, he encountered plenty of personnel.

Several people in Trump’s circle have also tested positive for COVID-19, including White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, aide Hope Hicks, assistant Nicholas Luna, campaign manager Bill Stepien and former counselor Kellyanne Conway.

Former Vice President Joe Biden and his wife both tested negative for COVID-19 on Oct. 2 and plan to be tested regularly.

“This is a bracing reminder to all of us that we have to take this virus seriously,” Biden said. “It’s not going away automatically.”

Former and current world leaders such as former President Barack Obama, Vladamir Putin and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson have wished Trump a fast recovery.