Palm Beach County gets new area code

Palm Beach County residents are getting a new area code in early 2023 because of a dramatic increase in the area’s population over the past decade.

The Florida Public Service Commission announced on Dec. 7 while old residents will get to keep the 561 area code, new residents will receive a new, yet to be determined, area code.

Kierstyn Fisher, junior, feels Palm Beach County is in need of a new area code.

“I’m not surprised. We have a lot of people here,” Fisher said.

Others are surprised by the new code.

“I really didn’t think that Palm Beach County was there yet,” Ericka Muncy, journalism teacher, said. “When I lived in New York City, residents got a new area code, but everyone wanted the original 212. I wonder if the same will happen here with the 561 area code.”

Whether or not Palm Beach County is in need of a new area code, students think a new area code would just create problems. 

“I think it just complicates things,” Joshua Coliskey, senior, said. “You hear 561, you think of Jupiter.”