Retired NFL player visits Jupiter High


Photo provided by Josephine Buscemi of Robert Duhon talking about his experiences in the NFL to the Jupiter High football team

Robert Duhon Jr., former National Football League player, visited the Jupiter High football team on Oct. 25 to discuss his journey to the NFL.

Duhon played three positions throughout his career, mainly quarterback and running back. Duhon was also drafted for Professional Baseball.

“The fact that he played quarterback throughout high school and at Tulane University also being drafted in Major League Baseball is a crazy testament to his athletic ability,” Jason Kradman, Jupiter head football coach, said. 

Kradman is glad the team was able to hear such an inspiring story from an accomplished and widely respected player.

“[Duhon] was really open to telling his story and hoped to have some type of impact on the players,” Kradman said. “He spoke about sticking to your plan and having good grades in the classroom so you don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

Luke Douglas, junior, believes his biggest takeaway was to always remember the important people in your life.

“You should always listen to [your parents] because they know what’s best and they’ve been through a lot that you are going to go through,” Douglas said. 

The team thinks that listening to Duhon speak contributed to their win over South Fork High School a few days later.

Throughout the year we’ve had some periods where as a team we struggled to be a whole and during the entire game against South Fork, we played together as one unit,” Douglas said.

Overall, Kradman thinks that Duhon helped the boys to prepare for their future in football and for life. 

“He was a really genuine guy that didn’t brag and was just really humble about his story,” Kradman said. “He really gave the team a fresh perspective on noticing that someone had this life before. It really opened all their eyes ro see what it was like to play at such a high level.”