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The Student News Site of Jupiter Community High School

War Cry

The Student News Site of Jupiter Community High School

War Cry

Jupiter High students create non-profit organization Ta Ta For Now

Ta Ta For Now, a non profit organization, was founded by Jupiter High juniors Jessie Baxter and Holly Milsom. The organization collects undergarments such as underwear, bras and feminine products to donate to young girls in need.

Milsom and Baxter are focusing their efforts on the low-income female youth who live in marginalized communities. They have donated feminine products and necessities to programs across Florida as well as internationally to Kenya, Ukraine and Poland. 

Ta Ta For Now targets girls from ages 11 to 17 who are at greater risk for crime, substance abuse and other dangers of poverty. The goal of Ta Ta For Now is to increase girls’ chances of success in athletics, academics and future careers.  

“Our main purpose for Ta Ta for Now is to allow all girls the opportunity to feel confident in themselves without having to worry if they have access to supportive bras and underwear,” Milsom said. 

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Baxter received $16,000 in total from several grants, kicking off her widely popular program. The organization also received sponsorships from prominent brands such as SKIMS, Publix, Philanthropy Tank, Adopt a Family and the Riley’s Way Foundation.

They discovered the program “Philanthropy Tank,” applied for their grant and became one of their five finalists. They delivered a speech to their mentors explaining the purpose of their project and soon received the grant for $10,000. 

On Feb 21, 2023, Baxter and Milsom debuted on the West Palm Beach News to discuss their grant from Philanthropy Tank, shedding light on the nonprofits’ work around the community.

“[Being on the news] honestly spread so much more awareness about the topic,” Baxter said. 

Ta Ta for Now has received $61,438.20 in fair market value donations. Over 1,400 bras, 1,700 pairs of underwear and 4,700 feminine hygiene products have been donated to the organization. 

The girls were inspired to start this organization after visiting low income communities for soccer tournaments, where they noticed the players were uncomfortable within their bodies. Baxter and Milsom overheard the opposing team complaining about their lack of sports bras and feminine products, and how it negatively affected their performance on the field. 

“We would travel to different underserved places around our country and noticed discomfort in some of the girls […] due to the lack of supportive undergarments,” Milsom said.

Additionally, Baxter mentioned the importance of clean feminine products because some low income households cannot afford a washing machine or multiple pairs of underwear. 

“What do they do when they only have one pair of underwear on their period?” Baxter said. “It’s things like that people don’t really think about.”

The program emphasizes how many girls avoid playing sports because of their inability to purchase sports bras. The website explains how a lack of sports bras leads to 46% of females avoiding physical activity due to discomfort.

“I think we can all understand how important it is to be confident when you are a teenager when you have these unrealistic standards shoved in your face everyday on social media. It’s hard to be confident in yourself,” Baxter said. “I just wanted to do everything I could to make girls feel confident in their bodies.”

Students at Jupiter High School can get involved with Ta Ta for Now by attending monthly club meetings. 

 “[In our club] we make supportive notes and letters to girls in women’s shelters and underserved schools to deliver with the packaged bras and underwear to get extra words of support,” Milsom said. 

This organization is helping girls worldwide get the resources they need to be successful in athletics, academics and overall womanhood. 

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  • A

    AnonymousOct 31, 2023 at 10:39 am

    Good to see young people finally doing something to help society. These are the types of people we need in this world.