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The Student News Site of Jupiter Community High School

War Cry

The Student News Site of Jupiter Community High School

War Cry

Jupiter High student competes on ‘The Voice’

Provided by Serenity Arce
Arce performing “This City” during her audition on ‘The Voice.’

Serenity Arce, Jupiter High School junior, has risen to fame over the past couple of weeks, following her presence on the hit NBC show, ‘The Voice.’ 

Following Arce’s performance of “This City ” by Sam Fischer, resulting in all four judges turning their chairs. Arce decided to commit to ‘Team Chance,’ pairing up with Chance The Rapper, a judge on the voice and famous rapper. 

“When I was getting feedback, I felt that Chance was more down to earth, and genuinely into my performance,” Arce said. “I felt like I had more of a connection with him than the other coaches, therefore I went with my gut and chose him as my coach.” 

Arce returned to ‘The Voice’ for season 25 after previously competing and being eliminated on season 21. 

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“I got eliminated after the blind audition, and never really made it far on the show,” Arce said.

Following this elimination, Arce spent her time improving her vocals and stage presence in order to confidently return four years later. 

“I started vocal lessons and idolized the artists I wanted to be. This helped me specify the type of singer I wanted to show the world and I grew more confident throughout,” Arce said. 

During this process, Arce flourished and made changes as an artist because of her experience on The Voice.

“I took time to find the type of artist I really wanted to be, and worked on training my voice to come back stronger,” Arce said. “I grew into my genre of music, and the difference was definitely seen from the two auditions.” 

While auditioning, Arce went through a lengthy process to get to each week of performances so far. 

“[The audition process] was really long, you don’t just get flown out immediately. There are lots of steps to get chosen, but once you’re out there, it’s the coolest experience. I met around 100 musicians that I can all call friends now,” Arce said.  

Despite the long process, Arce has learned to balance both her musical career with her educational career.

“I’ve learned to balance my life, mostly by staying organized and not getting behind,” Arce said. “I still plan on graduating and soon going to a university, so the pressure is definitely real. I do it though, because I love it, and I couldn’t imagine not being busy.” 

Throughout her time on the show, Arce has created many close bonds with other cast mates as well.                                                                                         

“My favorite part of this whole experience would have to be the people I shared it with. Throughout my journey, I made friendships from around the world, and was able to even work with people on the show,” Arce said. “I was able to grow even more being surrounded by so much talent.” 

Arce gained attention from the show’s audience and people who felt connected to her performances. 

“Getting all of this attention from the voice has seriously been surreal. I’m generally a pretty calm person, so I don’t usually show too much of how I feel regarding that,” Arce said. “It’s definitely encouraged me to do even bigger things with my career in the future with a larger following.” 

Arce also had many different opportunities to prepare for her time on the stage.

“I was living in a hotel for the time being, and filming on set with wardrobe, makeup, hair and vocal coaches. By the time I auditioned, I felt more than prepared, but nobody can prepare you for the moment you’re singing to turned chairs,” Arce said. “Even though I have done it before, that was a different outcome, so I was a little bit more nervous this time around.” 

Arce’s family has been a tremendous encouragement throughout her time on The Voice.

“Our family and myself are so proud of her. When I say she 100 percent deserved everything that has come her way and more, she definitely does,” Adam Rice, Arce’s cousin, said. “She’s always been here for me, as I have for her, and I couldn’t be more proud it was her out of all the people that got to do her thing.” 

 With the pressure-induced from maintaining an academic career along with a performing arts career, Arce has remained focused and dedicated. 

“She’s someone you can expect the most from and someone that you can always rely on,” Rice said. 

Arce’s friends are also supportive of her new endeavors, giving her encouragement throughout her time on ‘The Voice’. 

“I am so proud of Serenity and it has been an amazing journey watching her on ‘The Voice’. It has been such a surreal experience watching my best friend accomplish so much while she’s so young,” Sophie Rodriguez, said. “I know how hard she works and I can not wait for her to continue her path to success.” 

Looking towards her future, Arce hopes to expand even further as an artist and into the entertainment industry. 

“I hope I can make it even farther on this show, and I’m crossing my fingers I can win it. From there I want to start releasing my own music, and sharing myself as an individual through music,” Arce said. “I want to grow a fan base, and hopefully be able to perform. In the far far future, I would hope to do tours, and write on a bigger platform.” 

Currently, Arce has advanced to the playoffs and is looking forward to competing in the last stages of ‘The Voice’.

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