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The Student News Site of Jupiter Community High School

War Cry

The Student News Site of Jupiter Community High School

War Cry

Warriors of Jupiter: Amy Hand

Addison Gload
Hand reviewing course selection sheets in her office.

Amy Hand, a guidance counselor at Jupiter High School, is known for her enthusiasm, compassion and contagious smile toward helping students reach their education goals and guiding them toward graduation.

Hand has worked in education for 37 years. 27 of those years as an English teacher and nine years as a guidance counselor. 

Hand began her career as a teacher at Crestwood Middle School in Royal Palm Beach, which led her to Atlanta Collinsville High School, then to Braden River High School and the end of her teaching career at Wellington High School.

“Since I’d been a teacher for 27 years, anyone who has been [a teacher] or knows one knows it’s a tremendous amount of work,” Hand said. “I love kids, I think I’m good at communicating and solving problems.”

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Hand received her Masters degree in English and then went on to become a guidance counselor.

“I really enjoy helping parents and so becoming a guidance counselor seemed like the next best fit, which it has been. It’s been a fabulous alternative to teaching. Although my first love was definitely being a teacher,” Hand said. 

She began her career as a guidance counselor at Wellington High School where she worked for four years. Eventually she came to Jupiter High School and has been a guidance counselor here for five years.

“I’ve always been at phenomenal schools but honestly, Jupiter High School is the best school I’ve ever worked at. The kids are wonderful and the teachers genuinely care about the students. They want them to be successful,” Hand said.

Hand has numerous signs and art pieces hung up in her office. These art pieces are representative of her career as a teacher and guidance counselor. 

“85 percent of the things in my office were given to me by students, whether they are little trinkets on a shelf, or pictures painted or drawn or plaques of appreciation. They all were from my life as a teacher, they all mean something to me,” Hand said.

Hand spent her first three years of college at Colorado State University. Hand decided to move to Fla. and finished her last year of college at the University of South Florida. 

“Hand introduced me to leadership growth, which has given me a lifelong perspective and inspired me as a person,” Sawyer Rief, junior, said. 

Leadership growth is a nine-month program which aims to empower students in their junior year of high school and to help them understand issues that Palm Beach County School District is facing, while simultaneously encouraging them to expand their leadership roles within the foundation of their community.

“I love Mrs. Hand as a person and I love how welcomed I feel when I’m around her. I am also fond of her positivity no matter what,” Rief said. 

The guidance counselors at Jupiter High are given a range of student last name initials which signifies which students they have. Hand works with any student whose last name begins with initials Rej – Ste.

“She helps me with my classes, my schedule and she helps put me into classes that are the right fit for me,” Sophie Rodriguez, junior, said. 

As a guidance counselor, Hand is responsible for guiding students in making decisions for course selection that will aid them later on in high school and college. 

“She absolutely has my best interest at heart,” Rodriguez said.

Hand has impacted the lives of many here at Jupiter High School. 

“I call [Jupiter High School] school the country club, and I hope to finish up at the country club,” Hand said.

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  • AnonymousMar 28, 2024 at 1:55 pm

    i love miss hand shes so classy and elegant