Vans Off the Wall honors David Bowie with a new collection

Trade ad for David Bowie's single

Deram / London Records

Trade ad for David Bowie's single "Love You Till Tuesday". On September 30, 1967

Vans Off the Wall released a limited line of shoes dedicated to David Bowie on April 5, and in a unique twist, the shoes are vegan too.

According to Rolling Stone, Vans says the collection “celebrates two entities who have championed the different and the strange for decades, leaving a lasting impression on generations of misfits.”

The collection has six designs, including t-shirts, hats and toddler shoes based on some of Bowie’s iconic albums and fashion statements.

The most recognizable shoe has Bowie’s well-known red and blue lightning bolt from his album “Aladdin Sane,” with an off-white finish and his name printed on the back of Vans’ Old Skool shoe.

One of Bowie’s famous outfits included bright red platform boots, which Vans obviously had to recreate with a red old skool shoe with black thick platforms.

One of Bowie’s first albums, titled “Space Oddity,” appears in the collection with a blue polka dot pattern printed on a low-rise, classic Vans shoe.

The Bowie collection sold out in almost all the designs within one week of its release.

“The void left in pop culture by David Bowie’s passing has been sorely felt since that fateful day on January 10, 2016, and Vans is proving his legacy will continue trekking on thanks to a collaborative set of sneakers designed to resemble his iconic glam rock persona in all its flashy glory,” Keenan Higgins said from The Source.