Affordable gifts for your Valentine


A treat to get your loved one for valentines day.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on Feb. 14, and gifts are a wonderful way of showing someone you care on that special day. Traditional Valentine’s gifts can sometimes be pricey, but there are cheaper options that are just as meaningful. Here are easy, affordable and cute gifts for your loved one, family or friends to exchange on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Box

Pick up any kind of box or container; you may even have one lying around your house. Decorate it with red or pink paint then go to a local store like CVS, TJ Maxx or the dollar store, and pick up red, white or pink accessories. Some ideal items include nail polish, candy hearts, seasonal M&M’s, bracelets, mugs and fuzzy socks. Fill the box with these items, and you have an adorable gift.

Jar of Love

All you need are a mason jar, a sharpie and three pieces of different colored paper. Cut the papers into little pieces. On each piece of one color, put your favorite memories with that person. On each piece of another color, put things you love about them. Each piece of the third color should include motivating quotes or song lyrics. Finally, take a sharpie, and label on the outside of the jar what color goes with each message.

Candy Jar

Chocolate is a popular Valentine’s Day treat. For this gift, take a mason jar and paper mache the outside of the jar with red, pink and white tissue paper. Then, fill the jar with seasonal M&M’s and Hershey’s Kisses. On the outside, write a sweet note on the tissue paper.

Sweet Treats

For this gift, you will need a heart-shaped cookie cutter from Publix or Amazon, sugar cookie dough and frosting. Start out by rolling out the cookie dough and using the cookie cutter to make the cookies. After you put them in the oven and bake them, let the cookies cool. Then frost the cookies and add some Valentine’s Day sprinkles. Put them in a cute bag or container and give it to your Valentine.

Gifts under $30

Surprise Gift Box Explosion with DIY Accessories, $29.95

The Surprise Box is a unique and fun way to show your love to someone. The box has multiple spots to place your most romantic and meaningful photos. Decorate it with paint, stickers, cute notes or song lyrics. The box also has secret pockets for love letters and notes and a big box in the middle for a personal gift.

Photo Pendants, $19.99

Pendants that hold photos come in heart-shaped or dog tags and can be engraved on the back, up to three lines with 11 characters each. Fill the pendant with a sweet picture of you and  your loved one for the perfect gift on Valentine’s Day.

Retro Viewer Wheel, $29.95

This is a fun gift that keeps on giving. Upload all of your favorite photos digitally onto a photo wheel, insert it into the top of the retro viewer and look inside to see you and your Valentine’s favorite photos.